flowers made from plastic bags

by:Yucai     2020-01-05
These are my instructions for making flowers in old plastic bags.
Plastic bags are good because they come in various colors and are very strong, you \'d better be green if you\'re making flowers, recycle one or two bags.
This note gives instructions for making the following roses.
Before you start, you need :-Plastic bags -
A lot of beautiful colors! -Green string -
It\'s better to be hard.
I used some plastic wrap lines. -Scissors-
Sewing needles-
One eye is big enough to go through your rope. -
Knitting needle-
You may also want a pen and some tape. 1)
Take a plastic bag and cut off the handle and bottom.
You should have a plastic tube now. 2)
Cut straight along an edge of the tube to make it a piece of paper. 3)
Now cut your sheets into about 4 cm thick strips (that\'s about 1. 5 \"old money). 4)
Take one and fold about 2 on one side. 5cm (1\").
Fold it over and over so you get a roll of flat plastic. 5)
Now, cut the roller as shown in the following figure. 6)
Expand the shape you cut.
You should have long petal shapes now!
Repeat steps 4 to 6 with another note you made in step 3.
This should give you enough petals to make the right size flowers.
Of course, depending on how big you want your flowers to be, you can do more or less. 7)
Roll one end of the petal band onto the knit needle.
Keep rolling until the whole belt is wrapped around the needle.
Add another one to make the flower head bigger.
Note that the bottom edge of the bar is aligned.
The knitting needle is now carefully removed. 8)
Keep the flower head together by passing the sewing needle through the bottom of the flower head. 9)
Cut the green rope into three equal lengths.
Each should be more than twice the length of the stem you want.
Now take the flower head you just made and take the needle off.
Widen the hole with a knitting needle.
It needs to be big, but be careful not to tear the plastic. 10)
Now pass each length of rope through the hole so that the flower head is at the midpoint of each rope. 11)
Tie each rope together
The flower heads are put together. 12)
Now pair the ends of the original three lengths and weave them tightly together. 13)
Tie the ends together before you run out of the rope so they don\'t wear out.
In the chart, each pair of strings is represented in letters.
Pair A, pair B, pair C, pair C, pair. 14)
Cut off the extra rope.
To end your roses, open the petals and play around to make them look beautiful.
Of course, you don\'t have to make roses, I make daffodils and another flower by trying different petal shapes and using bag strips of different colors.
One of the things I didn\'t do might be good is to cut some smaller green petal shapes and stick them to the bottom of the flower head.
This will make the transition from flower to stem look more realistic. Have fun!
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