eu sets 2030 target for recyclable plastic packaging

by:Yucai     2020-01-12
Strasbourg (France)(AFP)-
The EU announced on Tuesday plans for all plastic packaging in Europe to be recyclable by 2030 and phase out single packaging
Use plastics like coffee cups to fight pollution.
The strategy announced by the European Commission, EU-
China has decided to ban imports of foreign waste products for recycling, including a large number of waste products from Europe.
\"The Commission aims to increase plastic recycling and make all plastic packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030,\" the executive body said . \".
The European Commission says its proposal also aims to create business opportunities by changing the way plastic products are designed, produced and recycled in Europe.
Half of the EU\'s recycled and classified plastics are now exported to China, of which 85% are exported to China.
Frans Timmermans, first vice chairman of the committee, said: \"We have to prevent plastic from entering our water, food and even our bodies. The only long-
The long-term solution is to recycle and reuse more plastic waste.
\"China\'s decision is certainly a huge challenge, but let\'s turn it into an opportunity,\" he added . \".
The Commission\'s strategy aims to remove the ocean from the \"700\" plastic, which says the plastic is washed off every day, it will take measures to limit the use of microplastics found in cosmetics and detergents.
The proposed new rules on ports and shipping are designed to ensure that waste generated by ships at sea is not discharged into the water.
A further commitment of € 100 million was also made to fund research to promote technological innovation in addressing this issue.
Some measures have been taken by the Commission to reduce plastics, especially individual plastics
Use shopping bags. -
\"500 to be downgraded \"-
The proposals do not contain plans to tax plastic packaging, and budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger proposed last week to combat pollution and help fill the holes of around 13 billion euros in the EU budget caused by Britain\'s exit from the EU.
\"We have not yet found a way to bring in Europeans --
Jyrki Katainen, vice president in charge of employment and investment, told reporters: \"There is no extensive plastic tax yet . \".
\"It\'s too early to commit to anything.
Prince Charles of England and others held an EU meeting.
Last year, a supportive meeting called for drastic action to stop 8 million tons of plastic waste from polluting the world\'s oceans every year.
The European Commission says Europeans produce 25 million tons of plastic waste per year, but less than 30% Tons of recycled plastic waste.
Timmermans called for awareness-raising and urged parents to tell their children that it would take only one second for plastic straws to be produced, but that degradation would take 500, and said that the Commission ultimately wanted to ban microplastics. -
No fixed recycling standard
Katainen said the strategy is \"a great opportunity for European industry to develop a global leader in new technologies and new materials.
He added that there is no effective plastic recycling market in Europe as there are no set standards.
According to the European plastics company, Brussels-
Headquartered in the European Association of Plastic Manufacturers, the industry is worth 340 billion euros (2015 figures)
More than 1 employee in the EU.
There are 5 million people.
Carl, executive director-H.
\"We,\" Foerster said. . .
Committed to ensuring a high reuse rate and recovery rate for plastic packaging, reaching 60% by 2030.
This will help to achieve our goal of achieving 100% reuse, recycling and recycling of all plastic packaging at the European level by 2040.
He added: \"There are only legally binding restrictions on all recyclable and other recyclable landfill sites
Consumer waste will end the landfill of all waste that can be used as a resource.
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