elementary students invite area residents to bag up

by:Yucai     2019-12-14
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It is undeniable that
It\'s autumn.
Dry when you dig out warm blankets and clothes from the closet
Clean coat, buy seasonal styles, Halloween gifts and festive decorations and you will most likely get a bunch of bags.
Even if we carry re-
In our home, a lot of plastic will be found in useful bags.
The students of Ecol Robert Browning challenge you to pack your luggage and take it to Browning!
Bao Manitoba is an annual plan run by Winnipeg Pride! Inc. in co-
Multiple operations
Material Management in Manitoba.
It invites elementary schools to help transfer plastic bags out of our landfill.
Since the start of the program in 2008, Browning students have been doing their part by inviting school families and neighbors to clean up and collect plastic bags from their homes.
Robert Browning will take part in a birdhouse made of recycled plastic bags.
The top 14 schools will be rewarded with \"plastic bags\" park benches.
The fourth-grade teacher, Pierre bomir champion, offers many benefits to his students every year at Robert Browning: they develop teamwork and motivational skills;
Practical application of learning mathematics (
Every package has to be counted, there are thousands so far this year);
Learn to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink actively.
Students don\'t need much persuasion.
Bohémier said they like to do so.
President Michelle Clark said that the packing of luggage complements the sustainable development theme of St.
James assiniboa School Division
\"We educate our children to be aware of the economy, society and the environment.
Wrapping up is not just collecting plastic bags in Ecol Robert Browning;
Our students are engaged in a helpful activity at home, at school, in the community and on Earth.
The impact is far beyond our school boundaries!
Bag Up accepts all of the following: grocery bags, bread bags, production bags, dry cleaners, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, re-
Sealed freezer bags, Bubble Bags, cereal bags, outer packaging of boxes, and even plastic bags that you can no longer use.
Turn out the used bags to make sure they are clean and empty (
They are stored in school)
And drop off at the school office between 9m. and 4:30 p. m. until Oct. 26.
What will you do with the package when it is finished?
Bohémier suggested that they be saved next year.
For more information about the packager, please visit www. takepride. mb.
Ca and follow the link.
Sharonpfeifei is a reporter from Westwood.
You can contact her at sdrinteractive @ shaw. ca.
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