Don't let technology become a stumbling block to the development of China's packaging industry

by:Yucai     2019-12-11

The packaging industry has successfully changed its affiliate status to become a real commodity. In the next few years, the sales of packaging equipment in developing countries will exceed those of developed countries such as Japan and the United States. China has become the most potential packaging market. Now many foreign packaging companies have begun to enter the Chinese market, which puts higher demands on China's packaging enterprises. In recent years, the packaging industry has undergone tremendous changes, and smart packaging has become a big part of the packaging process, making the global packaging industry even more powerful.
The so-called smart packaging is a packaging method that pursues simple operation in the existing packaging machinery technology, so that it can analyze and display the novelty of the product and the state of the packaged food. Smart packaging can better guarantee the flavor and texture of packaged foods.
Smart packaging includes a variety of uses, including: preventing food from rot and increasing its shelf life; increasing the appearance, mouthfeel, spirit and aroma of the food; and helping to reflect any modifications in the product or packaging environment; A fact that enables consumers to obtain information about the product and its status; reliability specified packaging closure.
At present, smart packaging can feel the condition of the food inside the package and inform the consumer about the safety of the data. Such smart packaging not only guarantees the consumption of food quality, but also enables retailers to obtain better prices for their products. In the future, if smart packaging is applied to the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of the drug can be guaranteed and the development of the pharmaceutical industry can be promoted.
To ensure the safety of food and electronics, many manufacturers use time and temperature features on their packaging. Some dedicated sensors also detect when the film and label are in service at an unsafe ambient temperature. With the popularity of smartphones worldwide, they are playing an increasingly important role in combating counterfeit and shoddy products. Many mobile phones currently have a QR code processing function. Through the camera function of the iPhone, consumers can take a specific QR code first, and then download it to view related coupons, product instructions, educational and entertainment information, Recipe and other useful information.

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