Do you know the type of plastic bags?

by:Yucai     2019-12-08

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There are many kinds of plastic bags, and the specifications are uncertain. Therefore, the design and production staff often neglect the bag making method. As a result, although the design draft is exquisite, the finished product package is unsatisfactory and even becomes a waste product.

Experience tells us that only by understanding the types of commonly used packaging products can we make full use of the design ideas, eliminate design works that do not conform to the bag making process, and design practical and perfect finished packaging.

Plastic packaging bags can be divided into three types: three-side seal, mid-bottom seal, three-dimensional middle seal and sheet material according to the bag making method.

The three-side seal is sealed around the bag. The size of the front and back are the finished product size. It has a certain overall sense, the design is not constrained, and the front and rear design has a certain consistency. Since the front and back dimensions are the same, you can design the front side to match the back and front. The plate and the back should be arranged on the same set of rollers.

The midsole seal is sealed on the back, the front dimension is the finished size, the back is divided into two equal parts, and the sum of the widths is equal to the width of the front side. Usually, the front and back sides are unfolded during design, and the design is integrated. Each 1cm edge is added, and the front and back are also on the same set of rollers.

The three-dimensional middle seal is based on the middle bottom seal, and the three-dimensional side is added on both sides, and the front back and the side three sides are also on the same set of cylinders.

Due to the limitation of printed materials, the front and back sides of the sheet must be designed separately and separately, and cannot be simultaneously displayed on the same set of cylinders.

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