Designing excellent packaging requires these thinking (2)

by:Yucai     2019-01-05

Yucai Packaging Solution

In today's society where visual enjoyment is important, packaging is becoming more and more important. A good product has a suitable packaging, and the number of people who purchase it is greatly increased. What kind of awareness should we design for good packaging?

6, material innovation

The following set of designs uses material innovation to break the traditional way of packaging and opening gifts. Redefining the gift box with “sand packaging”, this box can seal and protect some gift gifts, and use the rich natural resources to put together the precious things in the world.

7, unified elements

The designer designed a fresh and bold identification system for the sports nutrition brand. Breaking the traditional restraint in the packaging of typical similar products, using neon-like bright colors and uniform elements, the brand easily stands out from a large number of similar products.

8, reuse

The designer uses the acrylic material as the packaging shell, and uses its own strong light refraction characteristics to brighten the green fluorescent edges, showing a sense of popularity and technology. The interior is made of high-quality foam, light and heat-insulated, and is equipped with an energy-saving bulb as a light source. Take out the mobile phone and pack it into a stylish green foam scene light for recycling and recycling.

9. Humanization concept

The designer designed an interactive packaging concept for a cosmetic and skin care product brand. These containers clearly reflect their main uses, like the human body and body. It is able to clearly express the shame and happiness that is felt, and show the creative concept of relatives.

10. Cross-border integration

The surface of this 'Kai Ge Champagne Handheld' is generally flat, with the outline of the Kaegé Champagne on the top of a champagne bottle, guiding people to open the handbag, showing an isothermal groove in front of the eyes.

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