Daily common sense of food packaging bags

by:Yucai     2019-12-04

Used food bags, cartons, cartons, etc., are picked up by many hard-working people as treasures. Although this is a frugal and low-carbon approach, it must be handled in a timely manner and cannot be piled up at home for a long time. Studies have shown that used plastic bags, especially those containing raw food, are contaminated with a large number of pathogenic bacteria such as streptococci and Escherichia coli, and the carton and carton are dust and mold accumulation.
Therefore, Jiayi suggested that plastic bags for vegetables and raw meat should not be used again for food, and can be used as garbage bags. The packaging carton or carton is intended to be used at one time during production, so the material used is rough and should not be placed in close contact with the human body. For used bottles and cans, be careful when reusing them. If they are not food, they should not be used to store food and medicine.
These plastic bags, cartons, cartons, etc. are best placed in large cartons and moved to a ventilated balcony. The waste products accumulated in the home must be cleaned regularly and recycled regularly, preferably once a week. If there are too many wastes on the balcony, there are two hidden dangers: on the one hand, it is prone to fire. On the other hand, cartons and bottles filled with food are easy to attract cockroaches, ants, and pathogenic bacteria.

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