customers can strip away excess plastic packaging and leave it to be recycled in store, say sainsbury’s

by:Yucai     2019-12-29
After being targeted by environmental protesters at Sainsbury\'s headquarters, it is asking customers to peel off excess plastic packaging and leave it in the store for recycling.
Greenpeace posted a banner with the words \"don\'t care\" in the lobby of central London headquarters, and in 4,700 Twitter complaints released on 2018, each mentioned the use of plastic.
However, Sainsbury highlighted its commitment to reduce plastic packaging, including \"pre-
Unwanted packaging in the store.
Sainsbury said, \"This means that food stays protected through the supply chain, but they have the option to recycle it before customers take it home.
Greenpeace attacked the move as \"no focus \".
In an interview with future London, Greenpeace spokeswoman Elena Polisano said: \"They started to produce too much plastic packaging and should delete it, instead of transferring the recycling and responsibility of plastic packaging to customers.
Sainsbury must go further and promise to eliminate unnecessary plastics by the end of next year.
\"The supermarket chain has promised to stop using dark plastics by next March because they are particularly difficult to recycle.
They hope the move will reduce waste from millions of tons of landfill sites.
They also began to remove plastic packaging from sweetheart and Savoy cabbage, and in the next year they reduced the plastic packaging by 100 tons.
At the same time, scientists have highlighted the fact that the biodegradable bags used by many retailers, three years after being exposed to the natural environment, can still carry all the shopping.
A study by the University of Plymouth investigated the degradation of five plastic bag materials from British commercial street retailers.
When those things left in the open air were completely broken down into pieces, the researchers found that things left in the soil or in the marine environment could still be used as carrying bags, prompting questions about whether biodegradable bags can be used as a solution for plastic waste.
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