coles to follow woolworths\' lead and phase out plastic bags around the country

by:Yucai     2020-01-11
Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworth announced plans to phase out
Use plastic bags in the next 12 months.
Woolworths is currently given month.
2 billion light plastic bags per year.
The decision will affect stores in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.
South Australia, ACT, Northern Region and Tasmania state have been implemented-
Queensland plans to impose a full ban next year.
Woolworths says it\'s more durable and heavy
Available plastic bags will be available for 15 cents and there are multiple
Available in the black.
Woolworth Group CEO Brad banduch announced the decision in Shuangwan, which he said was to do the right thing for the environment.
\"We \'ve been looking at the feedback we get from our customers and the impact on the environment, and we think it\'s a very important thing,\" he said . \".
He said the company is expected to start phasing out the single
Use the bag from next month.
\"A year may sound long, but it\'s not actually considered. . .
\"What we want to do,\" he said . \"
Just three hours after Woolworths issued a statement, Coles said it would also phase out plastic bags from stores across the country in the next 12 months.
Simon McDowell, chief customer officer at Coles, said the company said it had been working for some time to make the announcement come true. \"(
This decision is)
\"This is part of our ongoing plan to improve results across the business environment,\" he said . \".
Terry, general manager of cleaning Australia-
Ann Johnson said the supermarket giant\'s decision showed the rest of the states had the momentum to impose a plastic bag ban.
\"It shows some leadership and puts pressure on states that have not yet announced the ban to follow this leadership principle,\" she said . \".
This decision is defined as \"cost-
Neutral \", the company\'s savings from the supply bag were offset by a slower transaction rate at checkout.
Mr. Banducci said that the company expects some customers to feel inconvenienced in the short term, but will adjust to the changes.
\"Hopefully when they get into the long-term rhythm of using their own bags or reusable plastic bags, they will find it a better way to shop,\" he said.
Woolworths group of all stores nationwide
Including Woolworths supermarket Metro, big wide, BWS, Woolworths online
Will be overwritten by changes.
Australia is expected to complete phased implementation by June 30.
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