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Cold Seal Film - The Best Partner For Heat Sensitive Items


Cold seal film has been identified for their glue -base coating features; of which will completely seal the package once pressure is applied. Cold seal film is printed using the rotogravure technique, which allows us to print up to 10 colors. Cold seal film is one of pouch direct custom orders and can be manufactured provided that a design is received, otherwise one can be provided to you.

The use of cold seal film provide companies who wish to invest in them with advantageous benefits such as:

- Ensuring those heat sensitive products are protected

- With consumer luring, hence increasing sales

- High levels of gloss and shine attributes making them more identifiable among consumers

- Being customized to suit individual brands and product preference

- Highly flexible twist wrap rolls allow for confectioneries and cookie packaging of various shapes to be wrapped

- Eco-friendly as they can be recycled

- Metalized layers within cold seal film enhancing shelf life of products

- Producing at pouch direct are safe for direct contact of food