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Return to the transcript the first family in the main pageCNN newsroom to start a holiday in Hawaii;
The president holds a year-end press conference;
North Korea claims it was falsely accused by the United States of invading Sony Pictures;
Previous hackers discuss cyber attacks on the United StatesS. Government;
The president declared normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba,
Winter storm threatening AmericaS.
Eastern and Central West;
Singers with Twitch rette syndrome Upload songs to YouTube;
The production process of foam packaging was checked;
In December 20, 2014, former whalers turned to environmental activists.
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CNN anchor fredricka whitfield: tomorrow is Misty Copeland\'s final performance at the American Ballet Theatre Nutcracker.
Next, she will debut in Swan Lake with the Washington Ballet in April.
President Obama may start his Christmas holiday, but on the Internet
There are still many things on his plate.
What is his focus today?
Plus, a few days after America\'s historic policy changesS.
Cuban President Raul Castro spoke in parliament.
What he called the trade embargo and Cuba\'s status as a terrorist state.
It\'s only a few days before the holidays go home, and a big storm has caused trouble.
Our prediction is coming soon.
Hello everyone.
This is Fredricka Whitfield.
Welcome to the CNN newsroom.
President Obama and his first family in Hawaii.
They arrived in Honolulu overnight to start their holiday, but before he left Washington, the president held a year-end press conference highlighting the government\'s achievements.
White House reporter Michelle cochinski travels with the president and is now joining our lives from Honolulu.
What is the president doing today?
He said he hopes to relax in the fourth quarter or at least have some moments of calm. (LAUGHTER)
CNN White House reporter Michelle cochinski: Yes.
He seemed really ready for the holiday.
Look at this place.
Good morning at Waikiki Beach.
They live in the house they rent.
This is a very secluded community.
We looked at some pictures.
It looked quiet before he left, and the Secret Service was preparing for his arrival.
The family arrived almost in the middle of the night.
So we hope to relax today.
But you\'re right. He made this --
He made this speech yesterday at the year-end press conference, listing a long list of achievements of the government, which we have heard.
Almost every time he makes a statement, he first gives good news, a bit of a state of things, and it sounds almost like a mini state of the Union address.
When you see almost all the metrics, the US is now better than before he took office, he said. Listen. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: At the same time, the United States is in a leading position around the world.
We are leading the alliance to weaken and ultimately destroy the ISIL alliance, including Arab partners.
We are leading the international community to stop Russia\'s aggression against Ukraine.
We are leading the global fight against Ebola in West Africa and we are preventing outbreaks at home.
We are leading efforts to tackle climate change, including a joint statement with China last month, which has already started new progress in other countries.
By opening a new chapter in our relations with the Cuban people, we are writing a new chapter in our leadership in the Americas.
In less than two weeks after more than 13 years, our combat mission in Afghanistan is over. (END VIDEO CLIP)KOSINSKI: OK.
Well, it\'s right there.
He also talked about other topics.
However, he does say that he is ready for a holiday and he has a long list of movies he wants to see, but he will not say whether interview is one of them or not. (LAUGHTER)
WHITFIELD: that\'s what I want to ask.
Kexin: Sony\'s film in North Korea.
I think one of the most remarkable things he did in his speech was that he wanted Sony to talk to him before pulling that movie out of the cinema.
He said it was a mistake.
I don\'t think there are so many people looking forward to his involvement so clearly and making such an opinion on that, Fredricka.
We heard the CEO say that if he really wants to watch the movie, he can make a match if he wants.
I believe he can see it on holidays or at any time if he really wants.
Okay, Michelle kousinski, thank you very much, Honolulu.
Let\'s check with you again.
Well, now the story has been in the headlines for a few weeks, the devastating network.
Attack Sony Pictures.
North Korea launched an attack today and blew up the United States. S.
Linking Pyongyang with the attack.
Alexandra Field is joining us now from New York.
North Korea issued a very lengthy statement.
Alexandra Field, cnn correspondent: Yes, typical North Korean style.
This is very similar to some of the words we have seen from them in the past.
This came from their state-run news agency.
It also included a very strange request that the United States should cooperate with North Korea to conduct a joint investigation into the hacking incident.
It says that if the United StatesS.
If they continue to say North Korea supports the network, they will not cooperate.
An attack that will cause consequences.
This is a lengthy statement.
This is part of it.
That\'s what they say about America. S.
\"No matter who is going to frame our country with a crime, specific evidence should be provided.
It went on to say: \"The naive findings of the United States and the attempts to frame us for this crime show their hostile tendencies towards us.
\"We will not tolerate those who are willing to insult our top leaders, but even if we retaliate, we will not target innocent viewers,\" it said . \".
Retaliation will be directed against those responsible and the initiator of the insult.
\"You heard Michelle talking about this, Frederick.
President Obama is speaking on the matter, and the White House says it will retaliate, but it will come from the United States. S.
Direct to North Korea.
The question now is what kind of strategy can be adopted.
WHITFIELD: Yes, that\'s a big problem.
Alexandra Field, thank you very much.
Okay, now talk about some new developments in Havana.
President Raul Castro praised the White House for its decision to normalize relations between the two countries.
In his earlier address to the National Assembly, he also warned that the two countries still have a long way to go.
CNN\'s Patrick Oppmann spoke this morning.
So we have just heard a lot of praise from Raul Castro, but what would he like to say to the Cuban people?
Patrick oppmann, cnn international correspondent: This talk seems to target not only the Cuban people, but also the elite in the Cuban government and army.
Raul Castro may assure some that he will not betray the revolution and normalize relations with the United States. S.
It will not affect his power, at least in his view.
You know what? he said yes. S.
He predicted that there would be an embassy, an American embassy. S.
Embassy of Cuba in Havana, Embassy of Cuba in WashingtonC.
But, as he said, Cuba will not change its domestic or foreign policy in any way to please the United StatesS.
So he praised President Obama, but said the revolution will continue.
He said he believes the revolution will continue in 570.
Very optimistic, more optimistic than many people, they think this is a period of decline of the revolution.
Raul Castro is 83 of course. years-old.
There is a lot of discussion about who will succeed him, and whether the young people here feel the same revolutionary spirit as the historical generation.
Raul Castro is very clear, although some concessions have been made, and as some here have said, he sat down to negotiate with the enemy, at least in his view he did not sell anything.
He did confirm something interesting. -
Fred confirmed something interesting that he will attend the Hemisphere summit that Barack Obama will also attend in Panama on April.
So there will certainly be some expectation for this meeting.
We\'ll see if there\'s a handshake, if there\'s a meeting, if there\'s a more historic agreement that the two met in Panama on April.
Oh, my God.
You mentioned Raul Castro, 83. years-old.
What about the next generation of political leaders?
Is there any indication that others are either nurtured by casteros, or is there anyone who boldly reveals their political aspirations at this juncture?
OPPMANN: being politically bold in Cuba is often not the secret of success.
For years, those who advised them to like the job are doing other things now.
But there\'s a guy named Miguel Diaz.
Two years ago, he was chosen by Raul Castro and promoted to the first vice president.
He is with Raul Castro today.
He was born after the revolution.
Not someone we know very well.
He\'s not the kind of person you \'d love. S.
Foreign media rarely see any contact with officials.
It is clear that he must be well protected so that he will not make any mistakes or be too exposed.
But his job now is to lose.
We really don\'t know how he feels about the deal.
Raul Castro kept the secret.
His daughter Mariela told me a few days ago that she didn\'t even know until it was announced that there was a negotiation.
Raul Castro led himself and told very, very few people until this week the world discovered this in a very spectacular way.
I think they have something in common with the White House because they kept the secret for 18 months.
This is also very unusual.
Patrick Oppmann, thank you very much for Havana.
OK, a huge winter storm is threatening to make a mess with this week\'s holiday trip, even if these people look happy now.
Ski enthusiasts in California make the most of what might be bad for others.
Next, what can all of us expect during the holidays. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: in the middle of a busy Christmas holiday travel week, a winter blast is heading east and west, which will cause some major delays in roads and skies.
CNN meteorologist Karen Maginnis is with us now.
I hope I can say that we can count on you to bring some good news, but I don\'t think people will welcome the news.
Karen maginnis, ams meteorologist: not that much.
AAA says they estimate about 99 million people are traveling.
Most of them, about 90% of them will be on the road.
If you\'re going to the Pacific Northwest, you have a powerful storm system right now.
From Vancouver to Seattle, to Portland, to the north of San Francisco, the rain will pile up.
I read some reports of rain already.
In Curry County, Oregon, they see about three or a half inches of rain, more in stores.
Let\'s take you through Sunday now.
This will be the trouble maker, the low-pressure moving area of the entire Great Lakes.
The computer model is still trying to figure out exactly what\'s going to happen, but now it looks like if you\'re in and out of Chicago International Airport, what you\'re seeing right now is snow.
It was wet on Christmas Eve.
So, in places like New York City, I wish I could tell you that there will be a white Christmas and it will be a wet Christmas.
Even if we enter Christmas Eve, the wet sky still exists for Christmas.
It looks like some of them are starting to pull away, but the cold air will be behind this and will be active.
So once the rain gradually decreases, it looks like you should work at a colder temperature.
New York City, Christmas, 57 degrees.
We are looking at Chicago, where the readings are from 40 seconds to 30 seconds and you expect to have snowfall.
At least it\'s hard to say how much at this point.
But in the West, one to 3 feet of snow fell through the waterfalls in the north of the cascades mountains.
Speaking of the Sierra Mountains, maybe we have this video in Kingvale.
Just west of Lake Tahoe.
It\'s beautiful. It\'s lovely.
Unless you don\'t have a chain on your tires, or unless you drive a truck, it\'s a completely different game.
But Fredricka, progress is slow in the Midwest.
Millions will be affected.
As I mentioned, AAA says there are 99 million people, a record number on the highway.
WHITFIELD: because these gas prices are too low, the power on the road is too great.
Karen Maginnes, thank you very much.
Okay, can Sony hack be blocked?
I would ask someone who was once a notorious hacker, what should we do to stop the next attack from happening.
But first, a young singer.
Songwriters with Twitch rette syndrome are helping others face challenges and realize their dreams through music.
We have this story in this week\'s human factor. \" (Start Video)DR.
Sanjay Gupta, CNN\'s chief medical correspondent: Jamie Grace grew up as a singersongwriter.
But before she started her career in music, she got some news to put her dreams on hold.
Jamie was diagnosed with Twitch rette syndrome at the age of 12.
Singer/songwriter Jamie Grace: I want to be a singer.
I don\'t know what it is to twitch the rette syndrome.
All I found was the movie clips of the actors shouting and cursing, and I remember seeing it when I was 11 and I cried.
I had a hard time the next year.
Instead of keeping her silent, Jamie turned to YouTube.
Two years after her diagnosis, Jamie began posting videos of her singing. (SINGING)
She has attracted the attention of record companies and online audiences.
I didn\'t explode like Justin Bieber, but my reaction was really cool.
Now she uses her stage and story to inspire others.
I like the way you hold me.
Jamie has set up his own foundation. I am a soldier.
Here, people who deal with diseases and challenges can share stories and get support.
Grace: There are stories of soldiers, children with cancer, or hard-working fathers every day.
It\'s really cool to be able to build this community.
I really hope my songs can communicate with people.
I really want to encourage you. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
The attack on Sony left other companies wondering if they would be next.
Companies like Target and Home Depot have become victims of cyber security breaches, but as Chris Frates of CNN explains, the biggest Target so far is the US government.
CNN correspondent chris frates: Fred, we looked at hundreds of pages of files on the Internet.
Attacks and security breaches against the United StatesS.
The government, our findings are shocking. (Start Video)
FRATES: The government is under cyber attack every day. attack.
There are 61,000 hackers and security holes across the United States. S.
Last year\'s Government
Tony Cole, vice president of FIREEYE: there is an opponent whose job is to hack our system.
So, you know, someone is trying 24/7.
It will become much worse than it is today.
FRATES: The White House and State Department networks have been targeted recently.
Network events involving the United StatesS.
The rapid development of government agencies.
This figure reached more than 46,000 last year.
Dennis Zheng, senior researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: cyber espionage has grown at an unprecedented rate.
FRATES: on January 2013, hackers attacked the Army Corps of workers and stole sensitive information.
They allegedly stole data from 85,000 dams across the country, including their location and possible deaths if they were destroyed.
Cole: when we have spies, people are stealing hard copies of paper work and passing it on to our opponents.
Today, they can actually do this digitally and get more data than in the past.
FRATES: in July 2013, hackers hacked the Department of Energy and stole personal data from more than 100,000 people.
They collected information including birthdays, Social Security and bank accounts.
Zheng: the government and industry are having a tough fight with their cyber rivals.
There are always very sophisticated actors outside.
For them, we just have to assume that the attack may happen, so the organization needs to be prepared. (END VIDEOTAPE)
FRATES: last year, the government spent $10 billion on cybersecurity, but that doesn\'t stop an employee from clicking on a malicious link.
As one expert told me, there is no good defense against stupid users. Fred?
WHITFIELD: OK, thank you very much.
So how do businesses and governments deal with cyber warfare?
Let me bring Kevin Minick in.
He knows about it.
He is a convicted hacker and is now a security advisor and CEO of MitnickSecurity.
Join us from Los Angeles.
Nice to meet you.
Kevin mitnick, CEO of MITNICKSECURITY.
Thank you for inviting me to your show.
Okay, let\'s start with this Sony hack.
Given everything we know, can that company stop this attack? Or is it inevitable because so many former employees and current employees say the company is very vulnerable?
Of course, their security guards are sloppy.
But if your country has money, time, resources, I think they can break through anything.
In fact, I tell customers who are worried about hacking their systems and they need to do what we call penetration testing.
So what is penetration testing?
This is an ethical hack in which a Licensed hacker attempts to do so by clicking on links and similar things that may contain malicious attachments, physically, technically, and through manipulation, actually, see how their security behaves in these attacks, find bugs, and then patch those holes before the real bad guys try to break in.
WHITFIELD: So how often should a company find out if there is a loophole?
Mitnick: Well, at least once a year, but if they\'re a company like Sony, I might suggest they do it at least twice a year.
There is also a loop that we call a security lifecycle, so if, for example, Sony builds a new web app for the Internet, anyone can connect to that app, before it is made public, it will undergo some kind of security review, because in many cases the company will post vulnerable websites and will not test them until they are released, will eventually be hacked.
WHITFIELD: Oh, my God.
So the FBI is pointing fingers at North Korea.
North Korea says it was framed, the language it used in a statement today.
You said recently that you do not necessarily believe it is North Korea.
So why are you skeptical, and now their response today is that we want a joint investigation with the United States. S.
If not, there will be serious consequences, how do these consequences change your wrong view of who is here in the end?
Minick: the government\'s statement is basically a conclusion.
They didn\'t publish any evidence and we really enjoyed seeing the details as a security professional.
The FBI relies on malware they find on the Web, infrastructure, and some I. P.
Address used.
But the truth is that hackers share tools, share malware, and share infrastructure.
So I\'m not 100% convinced.
WHITFIELD: they don\'t want to be detected.
Minick: Yes.
So is there anyone else behind this attack that makes it look like North Korea? I don\'t know.
I don\'t see the evidence myself.
But the loss has been caused.
Sony\'s confidential information is exposed to the Internet.
Why should the government hide the evidence?
I think they should post it so the security community can see it and say, hey, it makes sense.
WHITFIELD: And then what do you think about Sony\'s reaction, which means it says it won\'t release the movie on Christmas, even though Sony also says it\'s a movie theater, you know, you give in when we say we\'re not going to play the movie, what\'s going on with all this, in your opinion, even authorize hackers?
MITNICK: Well, it really sends a bad message, and I agree with the CEO because of the concern about responsibility, it\'s really the theater that stopped the screening of the film and their customers could be injured on site
But I don\'t think Sony-
I think Sony should immediately release the news to the world for free, whether it\'s a country or a bunch of Hacker reviews, and we shouldn\'t allow that to be done to show Americans this creative material.
I really think this is a bad message because now the copywriter might do the same type of attack, not for embarrassment, but to make money through some sort of blackmail plan.
WHITFIELD: OK, Kevin Minnick, thank you so much for joining us from Los Angeles.
OK, thank you for letting me on your show.
WHITFIELD: Happy Holidays.
Mr. MITNICK: Thank you.
WHITFIELD: Celebrations in Havana continue after President Obama and Castro agreed to rebuild diplomatic tools.
But can President Obama win the coming battle of Congress on this issue?
Our political team stepped in.
But first, we look to the future.
Today we look at how American farmers will use technology to grow our food.
Richard Quest is here. (Start Video)
Richard quest, CNN: agriculture has been accompanied by long days and hard work since mankind first cultivated the Earth.
Harvest is not just hard work today.
No, it\'s more of a smarter job.
Technology is now providing farmers with information and the ability to do so.
Farmer joe hossle: I worked all autumn a few years ago.
Now we are doing what I do in two days.
Task: farmers like Joe Hossle are making the most of the existing technology.
HOSSLE: our production is increasing.
Code here on this page.
Today, sensor technology is being used throughout the farm.
It provides the real
All information from the level of fuel to the level of soil fertility.
HOSSLE: we know more about what we have in this field.
The information we get from all the technology has basically put money into our bank account.
Explore: in the future, technology will give farmers a better perspective through drones like this precise Eagle, giving them better data.
Its ability to map the terrain will provide farmers with more valuable information than ever before, so tomorrow\'s farmers need to work harder than they do in the field. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: President Obama has not given up his decision to normalize relations with Cuba and ease travel restrictions.
He said it\'s time to try something new. (
Start Video Editing)BARACK OBAMA, (D)
President of the United States: I don\'t expect change overnight.
But what I know in my bones is that if you have been doing the same thing for 50 years, nothing changes, and if you want a different result, you should try something different.
This gives us a chance to make a difference. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Earlier today, Raul Castro praised the United States. S.
He said in a speech to the Cuban National Assembly. (
Start Video Editing)
Raul Castro, president of Cuba (via translator)
: We welcome President Obama\'s statement in order to open a new chapter in bilateral relations and begin to make the most significant changes to the United States. S.
Policy for the past 50 years. (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: the Cuban National Assembly has approved the diplomatic agreement. S.
Only Congress can lift the trade embargo completely.
Amy Holmes, a conservative, was the host of the \"hot list\" during the fire.
Nice to meet you.
Amy Holmes, host of the hot list.
COM: Nice to meet you too.
Maria Cardona is a political commentator and Democrat strategist for CNN.
Nice to meet you, Maria.
Maria Cardona, a democracy strategist: Hey, Fred, you too.
Okay, Amy, you first. The U. S.
The United Nations Chamber of Commerce said it would lift the trade embargo.
So should Congress end, too?
Holmes: Well, there is a real debate about whether the embargo will help Cuba move towards democracy.
You have liberals, and they say no, the trade embargo actually brings people together against countries that carry out the trade embargo.
But in this case, President Obama again took administrative action without consensus.
This week you saw a bipartisan campaign against the president.
Senator Mendez of New Jersey, a Democrat, has spoken out against the president.
We know from the public vote that as president, there is no public recognition.
He has 52% objections.
He therefore had neither political capital nor consensus on the action on the mountain.
But I think we now know what his new doctrine is, that is, doing something else.
WHITFIELD: Well, he said, you know, it\'s time to do something else, because in his view, 50 years without a job, at least for the six years he was president, he also said he had made no progress in trying to reach a consensus.
So, you know, didn\'t he warn?
Amy, will he finish his work around Congress?
Yeah, me or Maria?
To you, Amy.
HOLMES: To me.
Yes, of course.
Well, yes, after this mid-term election, the House Democrats are in the lowest minority in 80 years, and you see President Obama basically hollowed out the Democrats, he responded, hey, I am the president and I will take administrative action.
Even Bill Galston, Bill Clinton\'s former domestic policy adviser, said he had never seen a similar situation.
Okay, Maria. Give it to you now.
The president fired a warning gun, didn\'t he? He is communicating this now.
So should anyone be surprised, or is there a problem with this?
Cardona: it\'s clear that Republicans have problems with this because I think what they see from this president is that his mantra is that even if Congress blocks you in every turn, some things have to be done.
He absolutely warns Republicans and tells the American people that he will do everything in his power, and that he does have the power to do it.
He did this in his State of the Union address earlier this year, Fred.
So no one should be surprised.
In building consensus on Cuban policy, the American people have reached consensus.
The people of the United States generally believe that the embargo against Cuba is a huge failure, and that is the case.
It did not help the Cuban people, which we all believe is the ultimate goal.
Frankly, it could keep the Castro brothers in power.
Yesterday, The Miami Herald and Cuba-
American communities split with overwhelming support from young people in Cuba
To be frank, Americans are the future of this community and they say they want to lift the trade embargo and they want to be able to visit their home country and be able to bring American values to the Cuban people in person.
WHITFIELD: Amy, I want to know how this will affect the next presidential campaign.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio said, you know, he will fight to confirm his status as ambassador to Cuba.
But you listened to what Maria said about the polls, and you know, in fact, a recent poll shows, nearly seven out of every 10 Cubans are now in favor of re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, and about half want the United StatesS.
End the embargo.
So when the president said something interesting happened in the fourth quarter, that\'s what he meant.
Holmes: in fact, I would warn the president not to use sports metaphors because it is very wrong for him to refer to the jayvee team.
But as far as the embargo is concerned, we have seen it divide the Republican Party.
You have Senator Rand Paul, who is more inclined to free will, who disagrees with this, quote-
\"Policy of isolationism\", hoping to see Marco Rubio, whose embargo continues to exist.
I think it will confuse 2016 elections in some interesting way.
It\'s also on the Democratic side.
If Hillary Clinton were to wear her hat, I think a lot of people would expect her to do so, and she would really become more hawkish in foreign policy, is it different from President Obama\'s record? We\'ll see.
What\'s interesting is that you mentioned Hillary Clinton that she has made it very clear that she is part of the lifting of the embargo or at least easing the relationship, or helping the ball roll, thereby easing the relationship between the United States and the United States. S. and Cuba.
So you have to think, Maria, if she does run, will she take advantage of that.
I think everyone thinks she\'s running.
But would it help her if she really chose to run?
Cardona: Fredricka, I think it will definitely.
If she is running, she will definitely use this to talk about how she is involved in running.
Let us remember that her husband did want to do so during his tenure, but he could not do so for environmental reasons.
Similarly, it is not just the Cuban policy, but another thing that the president is concerned about in the implementation of actions, climate change, immigration.
His position was unanimously agreed by the American people.
So I think Republicans are a little confused because when you have these very popular policies that the president is concerned about, they don\'t really know how to do it, and now they have a majority in both houses of Congress, they have proved to the American people that they must govern. So we\'ll see.
Holmes: just a moment.
In fact, ABC and The Washington Post found this week that the American public prefers or trusts Republicans more on economic and immigration issues than President Obama.
I think Hillary Clinton will keep herself at a distance on some of these issues.
Cardona: she will not alienate herself on immigration, Cuban policy or climate change.
WHITFIELD: if she runs, the middle class is her focus and the president\'s focus.
Cardona: if she runs, the growth of the middle class is the focus of her attention and the focus of the president.
WHITFIELD: I think the word \"interesting\" is fully applicable.
It will be interesting next year or two and a half years.
Amy Holmes, Maria Cardona, thank you very much, thank you very much.
Thank you, Fred.
Happy holidays.
WHITFIELD: Happy Holidays.
Okay, then, some interesting things. -bubble wrap.
Everyone likes bubble bags. Why is that?
Vanessa yurkevin of cnn money shows us the actual source of it. (Start Video)
CNN currency correspondent Vanessa yuerkaich: at the sealed aviation headquarters in Saddle Creek, New Jersey, they ride trucks every hour.
But something new happens.
They are making boxes in their lab.
The expansion, the bubble expands visually, and once the package breaks, it forms the shape of the product, just like the hand warmer.
CEO Jerome Perry Bell: It\'s not made of plastic.
Made of mushrooms.
Can I eat mushrooms?
Mushrooms to eat.
It doesn\'t smell like mushrooms.
Does it taste like mushrooms?
But it all started with foam packaging.
Like other brilliant inventions, it was invented by chance.
The story began in 1957 when the guys were trying to make wallpaper.
But from that failure, foam packaging was born.
What is the secret of making bubble bags?
Ed ackershoek, engineer: I won\'t say that. Come on down.
This will be one of the products we use on our products.
This is basically plastic.
This is plastic.
Then it will be crushed by these huge tubes.
Axel Shawk: Here we will divide the newspaper into any of the three lines.
Yurkevin: to form bubbles, the plastic melts at 500 degrees in the same consistency as the syrup.
Once we vacuum to form bubbles, we squeeze out another layer of material to seal the air inside the bubbles.
Like static electricity on a balloon.
Juerkevich: the size of the machine has shrunk by $1 million.
Almost every major shipping company in the world has customized more than 100 different types of foam packaging.
These products may be used by every e-commerce company.
Bubble Kevin: in fact, Bubble packaging accounts for only 3% of the company\'s revenue.
Their updated innovative packaging is not very popular.
So this is the past, this is the present and the future?
PERIBERE: Exactly right.
No foam packaging. (LAUGHTER)(END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
WHITFIELD: at 7: 00 tonight, CNN in the eastern United States will show the encore demo of black fish, telling the story of a SeaWorld coach killed by a 12,000-pound killer whale on 2010.
The film has gained international attention in a way that challenges the concept of Tiger whale entertainment.
CNN\'s Ivan Watson interviewed a man who spent 20 years capturing killer whales and is now rescuing them. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent Ivan Watson: It\'s an unmistakable voice of fear from one of the world\'s largest predators, a young killer whale actually screams hours after being caught in the wild.
The animal was mentally scarred and lost and could not even swim from the ocean to the small pool.
For the first time, Jeff Foster shared this rare never-seen video of a killer whale captured near 1980 century Iceland with CNN, and he curated the capture of many killer whales.
How many years have you caught killer whales?
Foster: it\'s from 1972 to 1990 for me.
Watson: It\'s a long career.
Jeff Foster, former whale catcher: Yes.
Watson: How many killer whales do you think you captured?
Foster: There are about dozens in total.
Watsons: dozens of them all go to ocean parks like SeaWorld.
Is the Tiger whale a big business?
Oh, of course.
Killer whales are the most expensive animals in the world besides horse racing.
So they are worth millions of dollars.
Of course, the number of people who like to see these animals imprisoned has a great demand for this.
Watson: Foster started his career in Seattle when he was a teenager. Seattle is the birthplace of the captive tiger whale industry.
In 1976, the US government banned the capture of killer whales in Washington state, while strong public protests are also increasing. S.
This has forced Foster and his colleagues to move their business to Iceland.
There, they took young whales from the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and domesticated and trained them, and finally sold them to the American Ocean Park. S.
France and Japan.
Over time, Foster said he was getting more uncomfortable tearing wild killer whales from their families in the sea.
Foster: It\'s like a baby crying.
So, yes, you know, it takes your heart.
Watson: In the past 20 years, Foster has changed from a hunter to a rescuer for marine mammals.
Hi Thomas.
Watson: We met Foster for the first time in Turkey two years ago when he led a Wild Project, fixed two abused dolphins and released them to the Aegean Sea.
He has been involved in a similar rescue project with Tiger whale Springer, who was found lost in Puget Sound, and star Keiko in the movie \"Free Willie,\" after decades in captivity, he survived in the wild for a while.
But two years ago Foster was given an attractive opportunity.
He won $7 million to catch killer whales off the Russian Pacific Coast.
CNN Ivan Watson in Seattle(END VIDEOTAPE)
So did Jeff Foster accept a $7 million offer to return to the hunt?
We will have an answer after that. (
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WHITFIELD: tonight CNN will broadcast black fish, a controversial story about a SeaWorld coach who was killed when he was killed by a killer.
Now, we continue to tell the story of a killer whale. now he is an environmental activist.
CNN\'s Ivan Watson showed how he handled the $7 million offer to return to hunting. (Start Video)
Watson: Jeff Foster is a person who knows what it feels like to experience the thrill of hunting and capture the high returns that Tiger whales bring to the theme park.
But for decades, Foster, the leader of the captive industry, has changed his focus to marine conservation.
Then, this tempting offer to catch whales again on Russia\'s Far East coast proved too profitable for him to refuse, a proposal that would allow Foster to retire on a $7 million salary.
Foster: they gave me $7 million to do the whole thing, collect the animals, select them, do the initial training and transfer them to the facility.
Watson: What about killer whales?
Foster: eight in total.
Watson: where is this going to happen?
Foster: in Russia.
The buyer is a Chinese buyer.
It is mentioned that two of the animals will go to the Olympic Games and go to a town I have never heard. WATSON: Sochi. FOSTER: Yes.
Watson: Sochi is the host city of the Russian Winter Olympics this year.
There is also a small dolphin park called Sochi dolphin area.
The dolphin area in Sochi has denied reports that it was trying to buy killer whales, saying the reports were a scam aimed at slandering the Russian Winter Olympics.
We certainly didn\'t see any killer whales in this very small facility.
But according to official Russian documents, 2012 of the Dolphins recently had very different plans for killer whales.
The Russian fisheries agency issued a permit to the Sochi dolphin area on 2012 to allow the capture of two Humby whales in the Russian Far East Tiger whale project Orsk sea, a Humby whale watchdog reported that more than half
More than a dozen whales were captured last year.
The question is, after months of negotiations, why did Jeff Foster reject an offer to retire comfortably?
Foster: I\'m really looking in the mirror when it comes to that, and I said I can\'t do that. I can\'t --I\'m not going --
I can no longer participate in the capture of killer whales.
Watson: Foster took us on a boat to get to the Bay in Washington state, where he first learned how to catch killer whales.
Over the past 40 years, scientists have learned that unlike many other wildlife, highly intelligent killer whales live in the wild longer than in concrete pools like SeaWorld and Ocean Land.
Foster: one of the reasons I changed my animals about these captive animals is that the pool has really not changed since the 80 s.
We have developed new swimming pools for dolphins and new ones for other species, but the Humby tank has not really changed for 30 years.
Watson: Foster pointed out the case of a young killer whale named Morgan who said he was suffering in a park on Canary Islands.
Foster: she\'s just a wonderful little animal that\'s confused, lost and lonely.
She is almost in a situation where she always gets up.
Watson: Morgan was taken to this SeaWorld affiliated Park after being found lost and ill on the Dutch coast.
On two visits to the park, Foster said he saw Morgan being abused by the larger killer whale and said she was very upset and hit her head against the pool.
She also often calls her missing family, he said.
Foster: A loud, loud call, a loud and screaming call.
It continues over and over again.
I just, you know, at that time it really hit me and really hit my home, this poor animal and a bunch of dysfunctional animals in a very terrible situation.
She needs to move to a better place.
Watson: Foster joined the movement to liberate Morgan.
But after a lengthy multi-year appeal process, a Dutch court did not agree in April, ruling that whales should remain in the park.
In an impassioned statement, the owner of the park defended the court\'s decision, saying, \"To be honest, I think this decision can be seen as a pardon for Morgan, because her release means pain and death.
\"So, despite the best efforts of Foster and other liberal Morgan activists, Morgan is still imprisoned in the pool.
The former killer whale hunter is learning to capture killer whales much easier than releasing them.
CNN Ivan Watson in Seattle(END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: Well, watch the movie Black Fish on CNN east at 7: 00 tonight.
This is Fredricka Whitfield.
Thank you for being with me today.
The next hour in the newsroom starts after a short break with Martin Savage. (
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