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Host Nancy Grace: Tonight\'s breaking news, live Minnesota.
When a family finds a plastic bag floating downstream of Mississippi, it becomes fatal to take a family boat.
Inside, a little girl who had just been born for a few days, only 7 pounds, was thrown like garbage.
Strangely, our investigation found that this was the fourth baby body found on the same river. -
Three girls, one baby boy.
At this time, the fourth baby is undergoing an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
Tonight, what ruthless killer is dumping the newborn body on the bottom of Mississippi? (
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No one wants to find a dead baby.
Unidentified man: boat tour on the Mississippi River.
The baby girl was found six miles south of Winona.
Something seems inappropriate in this family.
Unidentified man: found a baby.
Unidentified male: She weighed 7 pounds and was born these days and her body has been in the water for about two days.
Unidentified women: it\'s hard to believe that someone will throw them in the water.
Unidentified male: The baby is the fourth child found dead in southeast Minnesota since 1999.
Unidentified woman: found another child when there is no child-
There is no reason for me.
Unidentified men: fouryear (ph)
Patterns are disturbing.
Previous cases have not been resolved. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Tonight is Season 13, Dancing With The Stars.
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You may have heard exciting news about Nancy Grace.
She is a former prosecutor and crime commentator, the Queen of the court, Nancy Grace!
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There\'s breaking news tonight.
There\'s something in me. . .
Grace: Tristan, this is my \"dance with the Stars\" partner.
Tristan mcmanas, Dancing With The Stars: My name is Tristan mcmanas and I hope to bring a little Irish luck to the dance team.
GRACE: all the money I made on \"Dancing With the Stars\" went directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
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Good evening.
I\'m Nancy Grace.
I want to thank you for being with us.
The blockbuster tonight.
Live in Minnesota.
When a family finds a plastic bag floating downstream of Mississippi, it becomes fatal to take a family boat.
In that bag, a little girl who had just been born for a few days, this little thing is only 7 pounds, thrown like garbage.
Our investigation revealed that this was the fourth baby body found on the same river.
Tonight, what ruthless killer dumped the news reporter\'s body on the bottom of Mississippi? (
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Unidentified male: Just found a newborn baby girl on the Mississippi River, and now, authorities are investigating whether the baby is linked to three other babies found in the same river in the same area.
Unidentified male: A family traveling by boat on the Mississippi River has encountered something that seems inappropriate.
Unknown man: a baby.
I want to know who can do this to a baby.
Woman: I can\'t believe it. I really (INAUDIBLE)
Anyone will do such a thing.
Woman: don\'t believe it. (INAUDIBLE)
He said the children were found near the town they called home. Even more (INAUDIBLE)
The body found was just a baby.
Unidentified male: Yes, it\'s sad, sad.
I\'m the father of three children.
Unidentified male: She weighed 7 pounds and was born these days and her body has been in the water for about two days.
Woman: find a baby-
No one wants to find a dead baby. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We will answer your call.
What ruthless killer dumped the baby\'s body in the same section of Mississippi and let them float at the bottom of the muddy river?
Sarah elmquest, a crime and government Correspondent for The Winona Post, said directly.
\"Sarah, four bodies, at least two of them, as far as I know, are linked by DNA.
We know it\'s the same mother.
The Winona Post (via telephone)
I\'m not sure, but Nancy, what we know is that we have a very disturbing pattern that has been formed.
Whether or not these cases are relevant, there must be a tragedy at hand.
As the story continues to unfold, the community here is shocked and saddened.
Grace: speak directly to John Brewer, a staff member at Pioneer Press.
\"DNA has connected the bodies of the two children together.
I\'m waiting for the discovery of two other bodies, but it shows me that a killer may be responsible for all four bodies of the baby.
John Brewer, explain to me how the last body was floating in Mississippi.
John Brewer, Pioneer Press (via telephone)
: Well, it sounds like Labor Day, there is a family boating on the river south of Winona, seeing something in the water, a plastic bag.
They turned the boat around, picked up the bag, opened it, and found a body inside, a little girl of 7 pounds, apparently a newborn.
This is somewhat the same pattern as the three early corpses found in 1999 at 60 miles north, a newborn-
Two newly born girls and a newly born little boy.
None of them were wrapped in plastic.
One is wrapped in a towel.
They were found dead in the river shortly after they were born.
GRACE: obviously they were wrapped, each one was wrapped, one was wrapped in plastic, one was wrapped in towels, one was found to have towels nearby and apparently already wrapped in towels
Now with me is a special guest, Sheriff David Brand at the Verona County Sheriff\'s Office.
Thank you, Sheriff, for being with us tonight.
Sheriff david brand, mn winona County (via telephone)
You bet, Nancy.
Thank you for calling us on this matter.
It\'s very disturbing, you know.
These people are the most helpless members of our society and now find them lying in the River face down.
What can you learn from the plastic packaging of a child?
It is very possible to get fingerprints from this point.
Even if the plastic is already in the water, you can still print it out of the plastic.
Brand: Yes, we are working with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal arrest and four of my detectives in the hope of closing the case.
We have been interviewing people for the last two days and we have a lot of people calling us and giving us some information but nothing ---no solid leads.
Grace: Sheriff brand, you know, it\'s funny, you said people called in with clues.
For example, what is reported (ph)
Pregnant women, suddenly, they are no longer pregnant, and there are no children? BRAND: Yes.
Well, we \'ve been checking people who are pregnant, whether they have children or if they are still pregnant.
These are some of the things we are checking with the hospital.
We have checked with the motel to see if anyone is pregnant on the weekend.
We are checking every thread we can find and we are posting our crimestop number and our regular number. . . GRACE: Right. BRAND: . . .
Call us if anyone has any information.
Grace: Sheriff David brand of Verona County is with us.
Now, Matt Zarrell, our story producer.
Matt, as far as I know, if it\'s not two babies, the cord is attached to at least one baby as well?
Matt Zarrell, producer of Nancy Grace (via telephone)
Yes, Nancy. you\'re right.
It is attached to two babies.
In fact, the third (SIC)
First, we have plastic bags, the latest baby found on Monday.
Nancy, they are looking for a link.
They tested DNA on some suspects.
At least nine women came out for DNA testing.
They haven\'t found their mother yet.
They are still looking for them at this time.
But they do think the first two could have been murdered.
We are still trying.
Grace: OK. back up. Back it up.
Matt Zarrell, you just said the third one, the latest one. -there`s four.
Yes, that\'s right.
There are four babies.
So the latest is the fourth baby.
There are three baby girls, one baby boy.
Give me the order now.
Matt Zarrell, let me know about the succession. ZARRELL: OK.
On November 4, 1999, a new baby girl was found in the Red Wing Ocean (ph)
In Minnesota, the cord wrapped in a towel is still connected.
On December 7, 2003, the body floated along the beach and the umbilical cord was connected. blue towels were found nearby.
On March 26, 2007, a newborn baby girl was floating on the pier outside the resort and casino.
The police think the baby may have been in the water for six months.
Then, Nancy, you have one of the two fishermen who were boating around Winona, Minnesota on Monday, found the baby weighing 7 pounds and floating in plastic bags.
Grace: You know, Matt, 7 pounds is--
This is a very good weight for a little baby.
How old is the baby?
They think the child is only a few days old.
They also believe that, starting on 1999 and 2003, they are convinced that these babies were alive at birth.
One more thing, Matt Zarrell.
I know these two babies are genetically linked to the same mother.
We believe they are Caucasian and one of the other babies is American Indian.
But this is not necessarily the same mother.
The father may be an American Indian.
So I don\'t rule out that these babies are from the same mother, Matt Zarrell.
ZARRELL: The problem is, Nancy, the police say DNA proves that the baby in 1999 and the baby in 2003 are not. . . GRACE: OK. ZARRELL: . . .
Baby related but not related from 2007.
Oh, I see.
So \'99 is related to \'2003, but not in \'07.
We answer your call.
Release lawyers.
Join us from Washington tonight. C. Death penalty-
Qualified Eleanor Odom from Atlanta, Renee Rockwell, also from Atlanta, and Peter Odom, defense lawyer.
Eleanor, count it.
Eleanor Odom, National District Attorney.
You know, Nancy, this is murder.
If you can judge that these babies were born alive and then discarded, then this is a murder case.
You have to find someone who does this.
Also, what I\'m interested in is-
In fact, I have been to Verona, Minnesota this summer.
This is a remote area with not many people around it.
So it\'s very easy to get rid of the body in that area.
Grace: But, Peter Odom, what about the fact that the casino is there?
There were a lot of people visiting and the casinos attracted a short time.
Not necessarily local.
Defense lawyer Peter Odom: No, Nancy.
That\'s the problem, of course.
I\'m interested in the prosecutor. . . GRACE: Wait!
You think that\'s the problem?
Peter Odom: that will be. . .
Grace: you think the problem is that it\'s not local. . .
Odom: this will be one of the problems. . . GRACE: No! No, no! No, no!
Nancy, obviously. . .
Grace: Peter, the problem is there are four dead babies, Peter!
Peter Odom: obviously the problem with finding out the perpetrators is what I\'m talking about, Nancy.
The prosecutor said so quickly that it was definitely murder, and I was very interested in that.
They\'re doing an autopsy. . . GRACE: Whoa! PETER ODOM: . . .
To figure out what this is all about. . . GRACE: Whoa! PETER ODOM: . . . baby died.
You can\'t jump. . . GRACE: Whoa! PETER ODOM: . . .
No conclusion yet.
You mean four babies died naturally. . .
I told you. . . GRACE: . . .
Instead of calling 911, they threw the body in a bread bag in Mississippi?
Odom, I don\'t think it will fly!
Peter Odom: Well, let\'s see what the autopsy says before we start to draw a conclusion. (
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Unidentified male: Sheriff David Brand said the baby girl was found six miles south of Winona.
Unidentified woman: found another child when there is no child-
There is a reason for me.
These children deserve more.
I think if you never had a dead child in your arms. . .
Unidentified male: A family traveling by boat on the Mississippi River has encountered something that seems inappropriate.
Unidentified men: they were curious, so they turned around.
Unidentified Woman: The body found was just a baby.
Unidentified male: Just found a newborn baby girl on the Mississippi River, and now, authorities are investigating whether the baby is linked to three other babies found in the same river in the same area. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Grace: The bodies of four babies, three baby girls, one baby boy, all floating in the same waters of the Mississippi River.
We just learned about one, and after investigation, we found that there were three other, four dead babies, usually wrapped, one with plastic, one with a towel, and a towel nearby.
I\'m waiting for the fourth time.
MO is definitely the same, fingerprint crime.
This is a serial killer.
We\'ll pick you up, but I think I heard it. -
Peter Odom, are you complaining at the end of the last paragraph, is this about accidental death?
Peter Odom: Nancy, what I\'m trying to say is that the autopsy should be done to figure out how the child died.
You know, no one will come to all these conclusions except, I guess, the prosecutor on your show.
Let\'s see how the autopsy results are.
If the baby is found to have been killed on purpose, that\'s it, but at least let\'s see what science says. GRACE: Dr.
Bethany Marshall, author and spiritual analyst of deal breaker, how four dead babies wrapped in plastic and towels show naturecause death?
We know they live for at least two or three days.
Or is this just another fantasy theory of a defense lawyer?
Bethany Marshall, psychological analyst: You know, the mother would call 911 if that was the natural reason, right?
Look, the profile of the woman doing this is a woman who maliciously and cruelly ignores the fact that she is pregnant, and when the child is born, she does not know her reproductive rights, not even linked to the child because she has considered how to get rid of it for about nine months, not outside the medical system, there may be other children in the home who may be malnourished and have some kind of neglect.
Do you know, Nancy?
The reason she wrapped them in a towelINAUDIBLE)
Not because she cares about them, but before you throw the old tissue in the bin, throw it in the bin.
GRACE: John Brewer, a staff writer at Pioneer Press ---
John, how much do we know about the source of towels?
Brewer: At this point, they didn\'t post much information about the source of the towels.
The casino owner is a local tribe.
When babies are found not to be their children at their casino port, they highlight this.
But at this point we don\'t know, or what kind of towels they are if they are from Treasure Island casino hasn\'t been released yet.
Well, how about plastic?
Do we know what it is?
Brewer: We don\'t know what plastic is yet. -
At this point, the public does not know.
Authorities may know.
They have it and are looking at it.
Interestingly, unlike the first three children, the child is actually wrapped in plastic.
As you mentioned, this seems to contain more information than a baby who has just been thrown --willy (SIC)
Into Mississippi. GRACE: To Dr.
Michael Arnall, board
The forensic pathologist who left Denver with me.
How do you know if the baby is alive or dead? DR.
Forensic pathologist michael arnall: The doctor will check the food in the stomach.
Live babies eat food.
No dead baby.
They also check for air in their lungs.
Live babies breathe, dead babies don\'t breathe.
Grace: to chief David Brand.
I got him back.
Thanks again to the sheriff for being with us.
What does the towel show?
Are they Casino towels or towels at home?
Brand: We don\'t--
We don\'t have towels that have anything to do with this child.
The only thing I can say right now is that the baby is in a plastic bag and I can\'t post other information about what\'s in the bag at this time. (
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Unidentified male: Police are investigating the death of a newborn baby found in the Mississippi River to determine if this is related to the death of three other babies found in the same section of the river.
The newborn weighing only 7 pounds was put in a plastic bag by the boat fishing in the river. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
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Unknown man: a baby.
Unidentified male: He said she weighed 7 pounds and was born in the last few days and her body has been in the water for about two days.
Unidentified woman: find a baby-
No one is looking for a baby.
Unidentified male: The baby is the fourth child found dead in southeast Minnesota since 1999.
Male: Jenny (ph)
Her husband, Don (ph)
The funeral was organized for other babies and they were given a name.
Unidentified women: it\'s hard to believe that someone will throw them in the water. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We will answer your call.
Four babies were found dead.
We investigate.
It dates back a few years.
Four babies, three baby girls, and one baby boy were found in the same section of the Mississippi River.
We answer your call at the scene.
To Liz\'s house in oakrama. Hi, Liz.
What is your question?
Woman: Hi, Nancy.
First of all, thank you for everything you do day after day.
It\'s great to see you \"dance with the Stars\" and let your hair down a little.
Well, let\'s see! Go ahead.
Woman: You got our vote, Nancy.
My question is
When my son and daughter were born, they took fingerprints and their small footprints in the hospital.
Assuming these babies are born in a hospital, can\'t they compare fingerprints on plastic (ph)
Or give a towel to hospitals around the United States and compare the fingerprints on the plastic to those in the hospital?
You\'re right.
Former police detective Steve caditan joined us from Hawthorne (ph), New York.
Steve, kids usually-
They left footprints in the hospital, didn\'t they?
I don\'t know if they got fingerprints.
Also in APHIS (ph)
National fingerprint database ---
I don\'t know. -
I don\'t believe there are baby footprints.
So I don\'t know if it\'s possible to compare the baby\'s footprint with any existing database.
Former police detective Steve Cardean: Nancy, if they have a possible child, they may compare the footprints.
But I think they\'re going to find a crime scene where the baby was born.
This could be--
She may have been silent about her pregnancy and she may not have given birth in a hospital. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Unidentified male: according to police, the newborn was born alive and found in plastic bags by two fishermen boating in the river.
While performing an autopsy, investigators are looking for any contact with the newborn findings. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
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No one wants to find a dead baby.
Unidentified reporter: on the Mississippi River, the baby girl was found six miles south of Winona.
Something seems inappropriate in this family.
Unidentified man: found a baby.
Unidentified reporter: She weighed 7 pounds and was born these days and her body has been in the water for about two days.
Unidentified women: it\'s hard to believe that someone will throw them in the water.
Unidentified reporter: The baby is the fourth child found dead in southeast Minnesota since 1999.
Unidentified woman: found another child when there is no child-
There is no reason for me.
Reporter: Four
What is disturbing is the year model.
Previous cases have not been resolved. (
End of video clip)
GRACE: Well, the disturbing thing is to put it very light.
The bodies of four babies, two to three days old, have now been found floating on the Mississippi River.
What is the ruthless killer that throws the baby to the bottom of the sea and sinks into the bottom of Mississippi?
We answer your call. Dr.
Bethany Marshall, you suggested a mother.
What about father?
Bethany Marshall, author and analyst at deal breaker: Well, maybe it\'s a mother who works with her father.
But I can tell you, Nancy, if a woman is really with her children, no man will interfere, no one will let her kill the baby and throw it into the river.
So in a way, the father may be involved, but mainly the mother has the intention to kill the child.
I agree, Bethany.
But what I\'m trying to say is that there may be
There may be co-defendants here.
I wouldn\'t let Dad go so easily.
Marshall: Yes. GRACE: And --
I mean--
Grace: and Renee Rockwell.
You\'re right, because-
Grace: Let\'s go, Bethany.
Marshall: Well, many times, mothers and fathers who abuse children or unborn children become paranoid, they collude in paranoid ways, just as the father may think that the baby will interfere with the mother\'s love, start talking about the baby obnoxious, brainwashing the mother, and the mother joins in.
But actually, I can\'t even say brainwashing. GRACE: Wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Marshall: I will say mother. -
Brainwashing mother?
If she was older enough to have children, I mean she would brainwash some men and tell her about her own children?
Marshall: Yes.
Grace: I\'m not--no.
I don\'t want the whole Stockholm syndrome here, okay? No.
You\'re right.
He hopes she already has some feelings about the child.
You\'re right.
Grace: to Renee Rockwell, Atlanta\'s defense lawyer.
Renee, do you have any weight?
Renee rockwell, defense lawyer: Nancy, there are a few things.
First of all, you\'re talking about four babies, and maybe more.
Maybe it\'s time to build a national DNA database so we can check it out?
The beauty of the umbilical cord, Nancy and a plastic baby is that you now have the chance to get the blood of your mother.
Well, I agree with that.
But you\'re a defense lawyer.
Obviously, mom was involved. Go ahead and hit me on defense.
I see some mental health problems here.
Maybe some cult problem. (LAUGHTER)
Grace: What?
You say cult?
I\'m talking about a cult. GRACE: C-U-L-T? As in cult?
Rockwell: That\'s right.
If you think-
GRACE: Could you please explain to me about the cult\'s involvement in murder?
What I\'m trying to say is, you may have someone. -
Think fast. ROCKWELL: --
It\'s not what they think, it\'s just dropping these babies.
I\'m not sure if we need to limit it to four babies.
No, no, please.
Wow, put her up.
Let her go, Liz.
Don\'t say discard like a paper cup, okay?
They`re babies.
Don\'t say they discard them like garbage? All right?
Rockwell: Nancy, when you deal with people who are not using their own minds, but a cult mentality, it\'s not a baby for them.
This is just a piece of property, a piece of garbage.
So I\'m not saying that these people need to be teachers at the main day school.
Okay, you know, how are you--
Rockwell: I mean, you\'re not dealing with normal people who live next door to you with kids.
These babies may all be related, think about the 12 years that have passed since the first baby was born ---GRACE: Dr.
Bethany, look, Bethany, that\'s the problem. everyone wants to turn things around and find ways to make excuses for mom killing people.
Now, they don\'t know where to get the defense of the cult.
There is no evidence to support anything other than the cold-blooded murder of a helpless baby.
I remember the first time I tried to shower my daughter Lucy.
She couldn\'t even lift her head.
But the children\'s killers were willing to wrap them up with towels, wrap them in plastic, and let them float at the bottom of Mississippi.
Now someone wants to blame it on a cult?
But you know what?
Renee has a point that most of the time these women come from rigid-
Grace: You have to keep working.
They do not know about their sexual orientation and rigid, authoritarian families of reproductive rights. They get --(CROSSTALK)
Grace: Did you really bring sex into this?
They don\'t know their sexual orientation?
What does this have to do with killing babies?
Marshall: they don\'t know their bodies, they are the uterus, they are sexual orientation.
They don\'t use precautions like condoms.
If they realize that-
So, are you saying murder can replace birth control? MARSHALL: --
They use birth control. No, no, no --
Okay, you know, Bethany--
Marshall: I mean, if they knew what would happen-
Let me help--
I want to help you. MARSHALL: --
They use condoms.
I want to help you, Bethany.
Okay, help me.
Grace: I will send you back to the car and send you back to the middle of the road. All right?
We\'re not talking about condoms, birth control pills, or even abortion.
This is murder.
These kids are alive, okay?
I\'m not talking about abortion, okay?
I\'m talking about murder under the Criminal Code.
Sheriff David Brand. -
Sheriff, I want to get back to you about the towel.
Now you say there are no towels in the case you are dealing.
But I think the neighboring counties are working together and you are looking at the deaths of all the children, including the deaths of one baby wrapped in a towel and the deaths of another baby found nearby.
Sheriff David brand in the office of the county sheriff of wannona: Yes, Nancy.
Today we work together with Wisconsin and the authorities on our side to sit down and start piecing things together to see what else we can do and what we should do to make sure we are all on the same page
See if these four will connect in some way.
We haven\'t seen it yet, but we have an open choice.
Well, I know the two of them are connected by DNA.
The other two are still a mystery to me. To Dr.
Michael Arnall, doctor, I want to talk to you--
You have done hundreds or even thousands of autopsy, usually when a child dies unexpectedly, there will be SIDS, and there will be several ways a child will die when he is very young.
Do parents usually not call 911 when accidental death? DR.
Michael arnall, a board certified forensic pathologist: Yes, they do.
I agree with you that the fact that 911 is not called keeps me away from the possibility that this is either natural or an accident.
GRACE: tipping line, 507-457-6530.
Four babies are now dead on the Mississippi River. (
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Unidentified reporter: Police are now looking at 4-
Every other year since 1999, a baby has been found at the pier of resorts and casinos.
Police have conducted DNA tests on several suspects, but are still looking for someone responsible for the horrific discovery.
Police are investigating the death of a newborn baby found on the Mississippi River to determine if this is related to the death of three other babies found in the same section of the river.
Newborn babies weighing only 7 pounds were put in plastic bags by boat people fishing in the river.
Police are now looking for any contact with babies found on the Mississippi River in 4 years
Every other year since 1999, a baby has been found at the pier of resorts and casinos.
Police have conducted DNA tests on several suspects, but are still looking for someone responsible for the horrific discovery. (
End of video clip)(
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Host: Dance With The Stars, Nancy Grace.
ABC News: she is the dance star they want to see most.
Unidentified woman: in the new season of Dancing With The Stars. A. J.
Hammer, HLN anchor: Fearless woman.
We know that you are not afraid of anyone in court, on your show.
But you did admit a fear.
Grace: I don\'t know anything about dancing.
I just wish I didn\'t fall because they didn\'t teach dance in law school.
This is my \"Dancing With the Stars\" partner Tristan.
Lacy\'s Dance With The Stars partner Tristan mcmanas: My name is Tristan mcmanas, and I hope this season will bring a little Irish touch to the dance team.
Grace: You know this will only move on like a robot, so I \'ve been trying to keep up.
I\'m not the youngest, the thinnest, the most beautiful or the best dancer, but I have a lot of heart and it must be valuable, right? (
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Our special guest tonight is Tristan mcmanas, my Irish partner.
With us there is also the \"Dancing With the Stars\" champion Heinz Ward, who is known to be the best recipient of a wide range of blockages in NFL history.
But first of all, Tristan mcmanas, thank you so much for being with us.
I know you came up with the name of a team.
What would that be?
Yes, the team name we came up with is macgrace.
What does that mean?
So obviously mcmanas--
Well, this is for mcmanas and also for Nancy Grace, but I know it\'s also your father\'s name.
Grace: I--
Yes, macgrace.
But I\'m interested in why you took the liberty of putting mcmanas in front of grace.
It\'s like jumping out of me from the beginning.
But stick to it.
Tristan, how long have you been dancing?
I have been dancing for 20 years.
You started--
Come back to your question.
Back to your question, the reason why my name appeared before your name was because I was in charge this time, not you.
Oh, yes, you keep saying that.
That\'s why--
That\'s why Mac comes first, then Grace.
Grace: in Shakespeare\'s words-as in William --
I think you protested too much.
You always tell me who the boss is.
Now with me, Heinz Ward, 12 season champion Dancing With The Stars, Pittsburgh steeler all-
Wide receiver with time leading, MVP Super Bowl 40.
Haines, thank you for being with us.
We are now showing a picture of you wearing a very light vest. Oh dear.
Haines, I don\'t really think so about you?
Heinz Ward, winner of Dancing With The Stars: I don\'t think so about myself either.
Grace: you zip it up, too.
Annoying boy.
Give me the idea of you dancing with the Stars, Haines.
How did you get the lens ball trophy all the way?
You know, I have a great partner.
All the professional dancers are great.
You have a good relationship with Tristan.
I had a chance to meet him last year.
I mean last season when I was doing this, he was a great guy.
But Kim Johnson, she designed my costume and she choreographed the whole show.
So, you know, I put all my trust in her.
She led me all the way to the shot ball trophy.
So I owe money for everything she does.
Hey, Haines--(CROSSTALK)
Hello, everyone. we\'re Heinz Ward. he\'s answering your phone.
Dance with the Stars Season 13 newcomer Tristan mcmanas is with me too.
Pick up your phone, too.
Hi Kate, what\'s your question?
Kate from Illinois: Hi Nancy, I like your show and yours.
When I grow up, I want to be the same person as you.
I just want to know that your biggest goal this season is to finish \"Dancing With the Stars \"?
Grace: You know, Kate, it\'s easy because every penny I get from \"Dancing With the Stars\" will go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
I was hoping to write them a huge check at the end of the game and it was Tristan mcmanas who helped me.
Hey Liz, let\'s take a look at the pictures of Tristan\'s childhood.
Tristan, when did you realize-what`s that? What`s that?
Who climbed into the washing machine?
Yes, what\'s happening here now?
When are you--
You\'re sitting in Michael Jackson\'s seat.
Your look--
Who cut your hair?
That\'s me.
I did that.
Grace: you\'re with your sister.
That\'s my sister.
That\'s my sister, Kelly. Yes. GRACE: Now --
There you played your first game.
When did you start to realize that you wanted to be a dancer?
MACMANUS: it\'s actually interesting to be honest with you.
When I was about 9 years old, I was taken to dance.
My sister did it.
Then I thought, to be honest, I was brought in initially just to keep me out of trouble. And then --
It\'s interesting because it\'s one of the things I never really thought about. You know?
I danced for a few years and then I gave up dancing because I didn\'t particularly like it anymore.
All these pictures are my football career.
I used to play football.
I gave up dancing to play football. -
You mean football, right?
Football is where I come.
Where are you picking? -(CROSSTALK)
GRACE: a white round ball with a black triangle on it?
Yes, that\'s football.
Yes, that\'s football.
That\'s football.
Anyway, I\'m playing--
I play with my teammates, I just--
I realize I\'m not as good as they are.
So I went back to where I thought I was good at it and it turned out to be dancing and luckily I did a little hard work and it brought me to you
No, I\'m lucky.
From what I see in practice.
Mcmanas: but I don\'t know that.
People, we practice five hours a day.
I currently have five bandages on my feet.
Now, not only is Heinz Ward joining me, dance with the Stars 12 season champion, MVP in Super Bowl 40, I have some games on the phone, Lake Ricky(LAUGHTER)
Start dancing by ricki lake abc: how are you, Nancy?
I heard you wanted to drive me away with your Viennese waltz?
What\'s going on with this?
No, it\'s not private.
I just wanted to take this home.
Because I\'m fighting for charity too.
My nanny, the former nanny. -
Grace: I heard \"show girl \". \" LAKE: --is from Africa.
The foundation of flowers-
My nanny, my former nanny is feeding and educating 400 children, orphans, all AIDS orphans in Malawi.
So, you know, we-
I also have a purpose.
Hey, Ricky, Ricky? LAKE: Yes?
Grace: I appreciate it, but the reality is that when we put on the clothes, she tried pushing me down the stairs as in the image show girl.
\"It\'s true. I feel her little hand is here ---
On the stairs.
If it weren\'t for Tristan mcmanas standing in front of me, I would be dead now.
Thanks, Ricki.
Do you know?
Nancy, I\'m going to sue you for that. That`s --
Fraud, you know.
GRACE: Hey Ricki, I heard you hurt your leg while practicing, is that true?
Well, yes.
The truth is, I did hurt myself.
I don\'t need any medical care.
No, okay. wait a minute.
I don\'t know where it happened.
I thought it was fake. Did you really hurt your leg?
Lake: Well, no. -
Okay, you know, I hit my heels and my shoes. -
Okay, now, wait a minute. Ricki, Band-
AIDS is not counted. OK?
This is not the real harm.
Lake: You know I didn\'t call EMS.
But you know these reports are crazy.
I spent four hours in the studio with my amazing partner Derek, and then I came out and found out that the fire department apparently showed up.
I mean, it\'s crazy. No, I`m fine.
Grace: You know, you can call me and I heard the buzz from the \"Toy Story\" band --
Help me at any time for the Twins.
I\'m going back to the Heinz Ward, because you know, Lake Ricky is here.
Ricki Lake, you all saw her in Hairspray.
\"She now claims she won\'t dance.
But I saw her dance on the dance floor.
I put it outside. I`m scared.
Back to the Haines Ward.
Haines, I need some advice.
Do you know?
Just go there and have fun.
You know, I was nervous during the first episode. -
I am very nervous because I have never danced in my life.
So, in front of a live audience, dancing on live TV is one thing ---was very nerve-racking for me.
But once I get over this, I\'m fine.
GRACE: you\'re watching the 12 season champion Heinz Ward video with us.
Lake Ricky, Tristan mcmanas and Heinz Ward. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
I am one of the lucky contestants.
Nancy Grace, Queen of the court.
Grace: The competition is fierce.
But my heart is very big.
Hammer: Did you fall off the chair when you got a call about the show, or did you say yes, that makes perfect sense?
I thought I was being played.
Hammer: you will be a fan favorite.
We cheer you up at your dance show.
Unidentified woman: want to congratulate \"dance with the beginning \".
\"I\'m excited to look at you.
Grace: Thank you.
Fingers crossed. (
End of video clip)
We answer your call at the scene.
My partner with me for the 13 season and Irish Tristan mcmanas joined us.
The same goes for players competing with Ricki Lake.
Dance With The Stars 12 season champion Heinz Ward is the same.
Go in line.
Hi Sabrina, what is your question?
Sabrina from Connecticut: Hi Nancy.
In the next season Dancing With The Stars, I am very excited to look at you.
\"My question is for Tristan.
Tristan, what kind of dance are you looking forward to with Nancy?
MACMANUS: To be honest, this is just the first one at the moment.
I mean, obviously. -
You know we will. INAUDIBLE)
When we got to that bridge
That\'s it.
I think everyone has the dance they like.
I like them for different reasons.
Do you know?
Mcmanas: We are very lucky. our first dance will be cha-cha.
So I think it will be great.
At the moment, I will attend every dance when they come.
Tea, of course.
Cha will be a fun start.
Grace: You know they can use you in America. N.
Because you use a lot of diplomacy to answer this question.
Wanda, Alabama.
Hi Wanda, what is your question?
Wanda caller from Alabama: Yes, I just wanted to ask Tristan-
Is that Nancy I\'m talking about?
Yes, dear.
Wanda: I just want to tell you that I love you and I love everything you do.
Grace: Thank you.
Wanda: I would like to ask Tristan how he thinks you are doing in Dancing With The Stars and tell him that he is better off taking care of you.
Grace: Thank you.
Tristan, that call is for you.
MACMANUS: Yes. No worries.
Nancy did a good job.
Nancy did a good job.
So, I mean, I have to say that now.
But at the same time, I believe, I believe what I said. You know?
She did a very, very good job.
She was very receptive to what I was trying to teach her.
But everyone is doing it. -I mean --sorry?
Grace: I think you\'re talking about everything going well.
But guys, this is not what happens in practice.
Every five steps, he said, I had to stop and start over.
I would like to thank my competitor Lake Ricky and the winner of last season, Heinz Ward, and of course my partner Tristan.
Let\'s stop and recall the killing of Iraq by 32-year-old army expert Harry Barker Winkler III in Clarkville, Tennessee.
Awarded Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart medal, military award.
Like football, surfing, running.
He was remembered for his positive views.
He left Debbie\'s mother, sister Kathy, brother David, widow\'s charity, son Owen.
American hero Harry Winkler
Thank you to our guests, especially you.
See you in the East at 8: 00 tomorrow evening.
Good night, friends.
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