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by:Yucai     2020-01-07
Noida/jiabad: three days after the implementation of the state government\'s plastic ban regulations, shop owners in Noida, Noida and Ghaziabad began to look for alternatives in the form of cloth bags, but they may have a big gap to fill.
Given that an estimated 2,000 grocers in these cities have to replace 10-
15 tons of plastic bags per day.
Although cloth bag manufacturers and suppliers claim that demand has increased by 75% in the last three days, as they are not available in Noida, these bags come from the wholesale market in Delhi.
However, the challenge is that while light bags are readily available, there is still no other option on the weight of more than 10 kg.
The cost of cloth bags is now being transferred to customers.
\"Small bags can ship up to 1 kg, but we still don\'t have a viable solution for any larger weight.
Customers are not used to carrying their own bags to the grocery store and we are looking for alternatives.
In any case, customers charge Rs 3 per bag for each purchase, \"said Prafull Kumar of JK Stores, a 28-zone grocery store.
At Ghaziabad, grocers also stopped packing goods for customers in plastic bags.
However, the traders association called on the authorities to make it easy for people to buy cloth bags.
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