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by:Yucai     2019-12-21
Pune: from 104 fine receipts issued to people violating the plastic ban on June 23 to less than 3 on July 13, the crackdown on offenders by civic groups is slowly losing momentum.
Despite the sources of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)
After saying no fines were collected on July 13, some officials said the operation had been in effect since the lifting of the ban on July 23.
Civic groups are now just trying to get people to comply with the ban.
After July 13, no penalty was imposed except for those who use plastic bags below 50 microns in thickness.
The bags have been banned since 2016, according to sources.
A head of the office at Pune restaurant and hotel operators association said civic groups had slowed down on prohibited plastic items.
The election is coming and the government does not want to take any risks because the ban is affecting ordinary people.
The state government rushed to implement the ban without considering any viable alternatives, he said.
Strict checks and actions have started, but suddenly the drive is gone.
Visiting any market, you can find plastic bags used to transport vegetables, he added.
Another source said the state government had repeatedly dropped its stance on the ban, which weakened the intensity of the ban.
Plastic glasses are sold in many retail stores, not even plastic glasses
Woven bags, he said. The higher-
However, PMC\'s ups maintains that the collection of fines and inspection of prohibited materials are still in progress.
One official admitted that they did not charge a fine for two prohibited items, plastic packaging materials, which are less than 50 microns thick used by grocery stores and recyclable multiple stores
Layered packaging materials.
A fine shall be imposed on persons who use other prohibited items, such as the use of plastic tableware at one timetime use, non-
Woven bags and hot cloth.
Retailers still have less than 50 micrometers of plastic packaging materials in stock, and they are not fined because they have time to throw them away by September, the official said.
Another senior PMC official said on September
Finally, retailers and other traders must handle all plastic packaging materials less than 50 microns.
Those who have plastic packaging materials less than 50 microns or polypropylene bags will hand these over to us, he said.
National Green Court (NGT)
The judges of Pune have recently strongly opposed the fact that only 193 of the state\'s total 257 urban local agencies comply with the November 7, 2017 regulations regarding the establishment of temporary storage/storage and collection of non-
Biodegradable waste including plastic.
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