city of victoria pushing for b.c.-wide ban on disposable plastic packaging

by:Yucai     2020-01-29
Victoria asked the province to ban disposable plastic packaging throughout the province.
\"If the province plays a leadership role, each municipality does not have to take the time to work by developing its own charter,\" said Victoria Mayor Lisa . \".
The city\'s resolution on plastic packaging is one of seven that Victoria has proposed to the annual League of B. C.
The council meeting will begin in Whistler on Tuesday. 10.
\"In terms of the nature of our charter, Victoria is in the lead in Canada, but our hope for the UBCM resolution is that the province can take responsibility,\" Help said . \".
Victoria banadron
On July 1, plastic bags were used at the store checkout.
The store must use the existing stock until the end of the year.
Victoria\'s ban aims to reduce about 17 million plastic bags that end in the area\'s landfill every year.
\"Protecting the environment is a provincial issue,\" she said . \"The single-
The \"use of plastics resolution\" required the province to work with local governments and retailers, noting that Victoria had worked with industry for two years before the constitution was introduced.
\"Unrestricted use of disposable plastic packaging is inconsistent with the values of BC residents,\" the resolution cites any type of disposable plastic packaging
Use plastic packaging.
Saanich is drafting a report on the next steps to consider its own ban sheet
Use plastic bags according to the Victoria model.
In June 8, Prince Edward Island passed legislation prohibiting the issuance of enterprises
Use plastic bags
Laws similar to plastic
The Canadian retail Commission said Victoria\'s Charter.
The law will come into effect next year.
\"I think this is a very strong argument that we can make on UBCM. E. I.
Victoria\'s Charter has been accepted word for word and this decision has been made for the whole province. If P. E. I.
\"I can do it, so can BC,\" British said . \".
\"This province can replicate Prince Edward Island, starting with being single --
Use plastic bags, \"she said.
\"The resolution calls for broader measures, but that does not mean that you have to wait for a full assessment of each issue --
Use plastic items before you take any action.
B supports the Victorian ban. C.
The Supreme Court, after questioning by the Canadian plastic bags Association, held that under the Community Charter, the city had no jurisdiction to prohibit businesses from providing plastic bags to customers --
This shows that this is an environmental regulation that requires provincial approval.
The association is very attractive.
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