canada plans to ban single-use plastics, joining growing global movement

by:Yucai     2019-12-27
Canada joined a growing global campaign on Monday to ban singles
Lighting environment using plastic.
Announce a ban on the lake at the picturesque St. montegault Nature Reserve
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Hilaire outside Montreal says he wants his children to be able to play on the beach or swim in the lake without the memory of dead birds or fish killed by pollution.
\"It\'s enough to see parks and beaches covered in plastic,\" he said . \".
\"As parents, we are in the middle of taking our kids to the beach and we have to look for a piece of sand without straws, foam or bottles.
This is a problem we must solve.
\"The World Economic Forum estimates that 90% of the plastic in the ocean comes from 10 major rivers and currently has 50 million tons of plastic in the world\'s oceans.
Environmental experts say plastic bags can take centuries to degrade. [
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Canada\'s move comes as countries and cities around the world seek to ban or gradually stop using plastic products, especially plastic bags.
New York state has announced plans to ban most types of singles
After similar bans were imposed in California and Hawaii, plastic bags were used for retail. Mr.
Trudeau noted that Canada is throwing away plastic materials worth $8 billion a year.
According to the Canadian national environmental agency, the Canadian organization for environmental and climate change, the organization has more than 34 million plastic bags per day.
Recycling and reuse of plastic
Trudeau said the country could reduce pollution, create 42,000 jobs and protect the environment. Mr.
Trudeau\'s announcement comes as he prepares for a general election at the end of this year. It is expected that climate change and environmental issues will become prominent issues and will be seen as resonance issues for voters, especially the younger generation.
The government says it will conduct scientific analysis long before 2021 to determine which plastic products are prohibited. But Mr.
Trudeau said that Canada will follow the EU\'s example, and the EU voted to ban 10 orders.
Use the most common marine plastic, including plastic cutlery, plates and cottonswab sticks.
The group introduced the legislation after its research showed that plastic accounts for 80% of marine litter on European beaches, threatening the coastal environment.
Some retailers in Canada have become creative in trying to stop consumers from using plastic bags, including humiliating them.
Shoppers at the East and West markets in downtown Vancouver decide to pay for plastic bags and they get a bag with an awkward logo, like \"walk into the weird adult video Mall\", \"Dr.
Wholesale Toews ointment \"or\" colon care company\"Op.
\"It\'s hard to remember reusable packages forever,\" the store wrote on its Facebook page . \".
\"We redesigned our plastic bags to help you never forget.
To reduce pollution and waste, in 2015, the British government charged five pence for plastic bags for most groceries, raising concerns among angry shoppers about \"bag rage.
But the government says the cost will help reduce the cost of garbage disposal by £ 60 million, or $76 million, in 10 years.
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