california poised to ban plastic bags [updated]

by:Yucai     2019-12-25
Legislation that would ban many California stores from giving singles
Using plastic bags is one step closer to becoming a law.
AB 1998 was adopted by the parliamentary appropriations committee on Friday and will be voted on by the General Assembly next Friday.
If passed and signed by the governor, the law will enter into force on January. 1, 2012.
According to the California Integrated Waste Management Board, 19 billion plastic bags are used every year in California, of which only 5% are recycled.
California residents use an average of 600 plastic bags per year.
\"This legislation is starting to break our addiction to singles --
Use completely out of control plastic packaging, \"said Mark Gold, president of Santa Monica medical bay --
Support environmental organizations of AB 1998.
\"We have been moving forward for a long time ---
\"For six years, through four different legislative vehicles,\" said Gold, adding that previous efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags had been made by charging customers for each vehicle
In particular, in the face of the economic downturn, postage charges were not supported.
\"It is hoped that perseverance will reward the ocean.
\"In the past few years, plastic has been proposed in many cities in California --bag bans;
Five cities, including Malibu and San Francisco, have surpassed them.
The main reason for California grocers is uniformity.
Support this bill.
\"There are many different proposals that different cities deal with in different ways,\" said Dave Helen, spokesman for the California grocery store Association . \".
In Sacramento, a group representing 500 retail grocery companies operates 8,000 stores in California.
\"This bill will affect supermarkets, chain pharmacies, local community markets, convenience stores and liquor stores, so this bill provides a uniform statewide standard to help food retailers compete fairly.
Single is prohibited, Heylen addeduse, carry-
For retailers, the environmental benefits brought by the outer bag are the largest, and the competition interference is the smallest.
\"We think this could be historic legislation, a model that other states follow,\" said Gina Goodhill, a Los Angeles marine advocate. A. -
Headquartered in the California environmental organization. [
June 1 3:45 update. m.
However, the US chemical Commission opposed the bill mainly for economic reasons.
According to Tim schesterk, director of state affairs of the Council, this legislation could \"eliminate or jeopardize the interests of around 500 --
In manufacturing, mainly in Los Angeles to pay for manufacturing jobs. A. area,\" he said.
Shestek said the bill could also cost $1.
5 million of the new expenditure is used to implement the plan, which has the potential to increase the cost of consumers as they forget to bring reusable bags to the store and need to purchase 40% of the post
Consumer recycling waste paper bags as stipulated in the legislation. ]--
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