british supermarkets are churning out \'59billion items of plastic a year\' - with sainsbury’s ranked bottom for its commitment to reduce waste

by:Yucai     2020-01-28
Supermarkets fill the country with more than 59 billion plastic packages each year.
The ten largest chain stores are responsible for more than 810,000 tons of orders.
Plastic is used, according to a survey.
Seven produce equivalent to more than 2,000 disposable plastic items for each household on the land.
Billions of bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and the larger transport bags of tills further fuel plastic waste.
Despite the commitment to reduce plastics, five supermarkets do not have a specific goal of reducing packaging.
Most people revealed that it would take only 5 cents a year to cut them, and it would take 20 years for them to completely get rid of disposable plastic shelves.
Retailers have ranked their commitment to reducing single
Use plastic to eliminate non-
Recyclable Plastic packaging, engaging with the supply chain and reporting their performance.
Iceland topped the list with its ambitious plan to phase out itself
Brand plastic packaging by 2023.
It has replaced the plastic tray used to prepare the meal with wood-based ones.
Tesco and Asda ranked second to last in Sainsbury.
In general, the focus of retailers is on turning to recyclable plastics and other materials rather than waste packaging.
For example, only four Morrisons from mor, Waitrose and Sainsbury provide customers with the option to use reusable or reusable containers.
The idea is being investigated by Marks & Spencer, Asda, Aldi and Lidl. The Co-
Op has its biggest share
Brands of products that can be widely recycled, accounting for 79.
For most others, about the third plastic can\'t be recycled widely by weight.
Daily Mail reports
This year\'s campaign highlighted the plastic epidemic, including the removal of bags, which helped to impose a 5 p tax on transport bags, and reversed the trend of plastic, designed to stop waste in the world\'s oceans.
Sarah Baulch of the Environmental Investigation Agency, who conducted the survey with Greenpeace UK, said: \"Obviously, we can\'t simply use our way to get rid of the plastic pollution crisis, but this is still a priority area for many major chain stores.
Now is the time for supermarkets to fundamentally rethink their relationship with singles.
Use plastic packaging.
Peter Andrews of the British Retail Consortium said: So far, billions of tons of waste have been prevented, the industry is working to achieve the 100 goal of reusable plastic packaging, recyclable or compost by 2025 at the latest, and eliminate all unnecessary single-use packaging.
But he criticized the Parliament for not having a unified plastic recycling system, saying: \"We are concerned that the pace of change has been hampered by the lack of recycling infrastructure.
Sainsbury said: \"We are very disappointed with this result, which does not reflect our efforts over the years to reduce the number of packages and ensure that they are recyclable.
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