Brief Analysis on the New Technology Upgrade of China's Food Packaging Bag Printer

by:Yucai     2019-12-10
                   Around 2006, a large number of inkjet printer companies in China were born in large numbers. However, the capital strength of these enterprises (package bags) is very limited, and some are renting houses for several people. It is not difficult to find that these small and medium-sized enterprises often have exaggerated elements in the process of publicity. Especially in terms of the performance and quality of the products, it is far from the promotion of the manufacturers.
Since inkjet printer consumption is not a one-time consumption, once a user buys a printer, they must buy related consumables such as ink, thinner and cleaning agent. However, when printers sell inkjet printers, they generally force consumers to buy consumables produced by their own manufacturers. The fact that other inks can be used by printers can also be used in conjunction with printers. I want to threaten.
Food Bag Printer is a device that is designed to code the food bag by software control. With the continuous development of the food industry, food packaging has become more and more, so the technology of foodjet printers for food packaging is constantly improving, more and more functions, and technical content and built-in text. And other software is getting stronger and stronger.
1. The inkjet printer adopts the world famous gear pump, high integrated circuit design and fully sealed ink circuit circulation system to ensure long-term reliable operation of the machine.
2. Ink pressure automatic tracking adjustment, automatic operation of equipment operation, automatic control.
3. Built-in international 1, 2 level Chinese character library, a total of more than 7000 characters, and can input Chinese characters through a variety of input methods such as pinyin input method, location input method, code input method.
4. Large screen with backlit LCD display, print information editing WYSIWYG. Text and graphics are written directly from the keyboard, no need to replace the chip, no need to connect to a computer or use special software.
5. Automatically print date, time, lot number, serial number, etc.
6. The font height can be adjusted within the range of 1.2-15.0mm, and the number of banknotes is 1-3 lines.
7. Letter dot matrix font 5x7, 16x16 Chinese character 16x16. Self-edited within 24x24 any dot matrix.
8. Less ink usage. Low operating costs and affordable use of consumables are only one-fifth of the traditional origin.
9. The ink can be selected in different colors such as black, blue and red.
10. The ink can be printed in various colors such as black and white. The printing materials can be printed on metal, wood, pipeline, plastic, glass, and building materials.
11. For pigmented inks, it does not grind the particles in the ink, thus ensuring a stable high contrast code. (Package Bag Industry News)
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