bag ban shows council\'s absurd priorities

by:Yucai     2020-02-05
Put your stuff on your polyethylene punk!
It\'s the police! Sorry.
Plastic bag enforcement unit.
All you know is that this will happen because January will come unless we get kicked.
Plastic bags are illegal in Toronto.
Unless, of course, I hear it all wrong.
Are you sure Toronto is not a gang ban? Guns? No, it’s bags.
Plastic bags are our main nemesis.
Think about the bag of money that will definitely happen here --to-be-
Bring legal action
Singapore has banned chewing gum and sugary New York drinks, and now it\'s Toronto\'s turn to make a mark in the absurd theater.
It would be nice if they chose the bad guys instead of the bag.
Why in a global competitive world, families get milk in stores, or small businesses that have starved to death
The wages of their workers slaves are paid by shore competition?
What inconvenience will this bring to Ms. Bao in Toronto?
We are in court with people who have serious allegations of gang relationships that are easier than we are with people who are trying to live a normal life.
\"We can\'t inform the employer that you need to be careful with this guy, or that this guy has applied and he has given up the process,\" but that\'s what happened, toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash explained on Wednesday in news report 1010.
\"We are not allowed to share with anyone other than the applicant the information we have raised during the background check.
\"It\'s too bad, because if they can, maybe 13-year-
The old man won\'t take the bullet out of his brain.
Would you think that if the police mark someone on someone\'s check, they can at least remind the probation officer or the bail condition supervisor?
The gangsters are laughing at us.
But if 2013 law enforcement officers see a gangster walking down the street packing plastic, they can at least call a pack team officer
Unless the court asks them to get a warrant first.
This place is becoming Alice in Wonderland.
Only in Toronto can we find the pack police, not the bail police.
But seriously, how did you get $100,000? a-year bag-
Law enforcement officer jobs?
Can you work for a while without proper criminal background checks?
I can\'t wait to write the first story about someone who was fined by a bag assassin.
When it comes to fines, will carrying plastic bags be higher than selling them?
How about selling plastic bags?
This will allow the gangs to have more contraband on the black market.
Maybe the bag turf war?
At the same time, what happened to capitalism and free enterprise?
Want to know what they will think next in this nanny state. No breathing?
The fine of running naked under clothes?
All we know is that in 2013, the city will do its best to eliminate shopping bags in Toronto.
Maybe one day they will focus on removing body bags.
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