b.c. municipalities back victoria’s call for ban on disposable plastic packaging

by:Yucai     2020-05-12
Victoria\'s call to ban disposable plastic packaging was unanimously supported by B. C.
Mayor and MP.
\"I think it shows that British Columbia and British Columbia are single.
The use of plastic may not have been in circulation for too long, \"Victoria Mayor Lisa helped from the B. union on Wednesday. C.
Whistler annual meeting. The single-
The resolution on the use of plastics unanimously supported by the congress delegates requires the province to work with local governments and retailers to launch a \"unified province\"
Extensive commercial regulations related to disposable plastic packaging, significantly reducing the number of disposable plastic packaging in the local solid waste logistics.
Helps are happy with the support.
She noted that while not every community in the province has a coastline, unanimous support suggests that all are concerned about marine plastics.
\"I think it\'s very positive from an environmental perspective.
This is very positive from a business perspective. It [the resolution]
Consultation with the business community is required to reduce the use of single people in an all-round way
The use of items in BC, not by local governments, is a real leadership role for the province.
Victoria has imposed a ban on singles.
Use plastic bags.
Helps said the city had worked with industry for two years before the constitution was introduced.
In July 1, Victoria\'s new plastic bag ban was officially launched, but it was not until January.
Run out of stock of their plastic bags.
According to the attached example, if the merchant charges a minimum of 15 cents per bag, they can provide a paper checkout bag (
Rose to 25 cents in July 1, 2019)
And reusable checkout bags for a minimum charge of $1 per bag (
Rising to $2 in 2019).
While the city\'s initial focus will be on education and awareness-raising, law enforcement will begin as of January and the city will impose fines on those who do not comply.
Individuals can be fined between $50 and $500 under the charter, while companies can be fined between $100 and $10,000.
The plastic bag Society of Canada challenged the charter in court, arguing that under the Community Charter, the city had no jurisdiction to prohibit businesses from providing plastic bags to customers.
The association says the ban amounts to an environmental regulation requiring provincial approval.
But in June, Victoria\'s Charter was backed by B. C. Supreme Court.
Time colonists.
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