a pupil\'s money pouch

by:Yucai     2019-12-19
Roslyn Kavanagh is working on her 6-year-
John T\'s old son of Pizza Day
At Tucker Public School in Burlington, when she began to think about all the plastic bags that were shipped between families and schools in the area.
Not just on pizza day.
There are allowed single, Milk Day money, field trips, hot lunch and snack days.
She estimates that if all students in the Halton public primary school take two plastic bags to school every month, conservatively, they ship more than 700,000 plastic bags to landfill sites every year.
Kavanagh couldn\'t find a happy choice, so she invented one-an organic cotton bag that was tucked into the front pocket of the school\'s agenda book.
Just like Henry Ford\'s Model T, they have any color you want as long as the color you want is black.
Kavanagh says she wants a color that can stand the stain (
Included pizza dropped)
And can be washed.
She wants to be unified so that teachers and parents can recognize the toys right away. The mini-
Portable in greenschool.
About $7, $8 for pencil tote and $10 for book tote.
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