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by:Yucai     2020-04-11
New Delhi: It turns out that the city\'s full ban on plastic bags is invalid.
According to a survey by environmental NGO Toxics Link, a large number of plastic carriers are usedbags.
The survey found that about 100 vegetable and fruit suppliers in Delhi use more than one ton of plastic bags per month.
The survey found that suppliers use non-
Bulk woven bag, considered it not plastic, the supplier of vegetables, fruits and meat is the biggest user of Delhi plastic bag.
Interestingly, there are fewer plastic bags used by chemists, milk stalls and fixed stores.
Nearly 99% of vegetable and fruit vendors were contacted during the survey, and nearly 95% of meat and fish vendors used plastic bags.
Usage is high even in small food joints and dhabas (82%).
Of the 834 respondents interviewed, 78% said they preferred plastic bags.
To make matters worse, 333 of users say they use and throw plastic bags, and only 75 say they try to reuse them.
At 2008, when the first plastic bag notice is issued
Woven bags are introduced to the market as a replacement. Non-
After testing, 98 woven bags were found.
3% polypropylene is within the scope of the ban.
\"However, most suppliers and customers still don\'t know the fact and think
Woven bag is not
The survey said: \"plastic.
In Chandigarh, 82% suppliers and 79% consumers were found to use plastic bags.
Only Sikkim came up with some interesting options.
Their meat and vegetable vendors are packed on paper.
But 60% of plastic waste is burned, causing toxic pollution.
On October 2012, the Delhi government ordered a total ban on the manufacture, import, sale, storage, use and transportation of various plastic bags.
The ban now includes the manufacture of plastic bags, as well as the use of plastic sheets, films or covers for packaging books, magazines and cards.
Notice issued in the environment (Protection)
Act 1986 provides for penalties for offenders with a maximum sentence of 7 years and/or a fine of Rs 1.
But the Indian Plastics Industry Association has questioned the ban, which is being tried by the Delhi High Court.
Although there is no written order yet, the judge verbally stated that there will be no penalty until the case is pending.
Toxics Link recommends using paper or plastic bags that can be reused several times.
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