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Sean Bolt, editor of Consumer Affairs, published EDT 20: 03 May 29, 2013 | update: EDT 10: 48 on May 30, 2013, ministers were condemned as \"shameful\" after blocking efforts by the international community to ban plastic bags
David Cameron has claimed that his government will be \"the greenest\" and has signed an agreement to reduce the amount of tills releasing disposable baggage.
But there is news that ministers have been working behind the scenes in Brussels to remove control.
They used the EU legal system to overturn the Italian government\'s ban on the use of thin plastic bags in the country.
In 2011, Italy controlled plastic bags after research found that plastic bags accounted for the total number of men
Let the waste settle on the sea floor around the coast.
But Britain claims it is illegal under European law.
Its intervention has prevented the implementation of this measure and has prevented other European governments from taking similar plans.
The UK\'s decision clearly puts the commercial interests of plastic bag manufacturers before the need to address garbage, disease and harm to wildlife.
This contradicts the promises made by Cameron and Nick Clegg as early as February 2008, when they expressed support for the Daily Mail\'s \"deportation pack\" campaign.
Italian ministers and environmental activists are angry at the role played by the government.
Italian Environment Minister Andrea Orlando said: \"luggage is a serious problem, especially at sea, and it is shocking that Britain, it is serious to the environment, and with centuries of sailing tradition, it does not want to protect the ocean from plastic pollution that suffocates and kills many marine animals.
Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, who was the prime minister\'s green adviser, condemned the government\'s failure to deal with the \"plastic poisoning\" bag.
He said: \"The government\'s remarks on this issue are far from any meaningful action, which is bad enough, but using EU bureaucracy to prevent other countries from doing the right thing is
Even for those of us cynical, the extreme deviation of this latest move can be surprising.
Dr. Sue Kinsey of the Marine Protection Association said: \"It seems unusual that a government that has marked itself as the greenest government ever should seek to block the ban on shipping bags.
\"On the one hand, it seems hypocritical to agree on what needs to be done to reduce the number of shopping bags distributed in the UK, and on the other hand, to stop the Italian ban on plastic bags.
The Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs, run by Conservative Secretary of State Owen Patterson, and the Department of Commerce, run by Lieb den Vince Cable, cannot agree on who is responsible for blocking the ban.
Both claimed that they were only trying to protect the interests of British manufacturers by upholding the European packaging law.
A government spokesman said: \"While we are determined to address the disease caused by discarded shopping bags, the proposed Italian plan is illegal under the EU packaging law.
But many countries charge them to reduce the use of plastic bags.
The Welsh government imposed a 5 p fee on plastic bags in October 2011, reducing the amount of tills issued and raising tens of thousands of pounds for a good cause.
Earlier this year, Northern Ireland filed its own 5 p charge, and the Scottish Parliament is expected to do the same.
Although the block is from \"UK\" or \"UK\", I am sure that Wales and Northern Ireland-which already have a charter tax and Scotland is considering it-will not agree with that position, Dr. Kinsey said.
\"On this issue, the UK is once again isolated because the only place in the UK that has not taken any measures to reduce the number of luggage.
\"Maybe they should tidy up their houses before they interfere with others.
For the past two years, British defense ministers have been sticking to the side, while the number of plastic bags distributed in tiles has risen sharply.
Currently, stores across the UK distribute about 8 billion disposable packages per year.
6 in England.
77 billion of these.
Most people end up in landfill, which is estimated to take up to 1,000 years for them to rot, while others are discarded in the streets, seas and countryside.
Once they enter the environment, they pose a threat to birds, dolphins, whales and turtles.
The \"deportation package\" campaign launched by the Daily Mail in 2008 won the support of all political parties and politicians in the rural and clean sectorsup groups.
At that time, Marks & Spencer took the lead in launching a 5 p charge nationwide, cutting billions of bags of luggage and raising money to clean up green spaces and beaches.
Earlier this year, leaders of the Movement to Protect Rural England, the Marine Conservation Association and surfers opposed to sewage, met with Lord de Moley, Minister of Environment, calls for action to make allegations in the UK.
But he ignored their concerns and promised not to take any action other than monitoring how plans for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland work.
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